CgTalk Daily Sketch 1721 55mn "The credit crunch"


“The credit crunch”

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(The author will be given credit). So guys keep them coming


PS/wacom 35 min - guess a lot of piggy banks will die…


Pencil & Paper ~45 min

Decided I’d do a cartoony sketch, spent most of my time trying to think of things people waste money on and get into debt!

daw : love the tear on the Piggy Bank haha


25 mins, PS.


Photoshop - 55 min.


PS 55 mins


i guess desperate times calls for desperate measures…

Painter, Photoshop, ~45mn


Ugh. I want to draw something for this, just because it has personally hit my life so hard, but I’m at a loss of what to draw. I’m originally from Michigan, and I came to CA not only because of my boyfriend lives here, but because I couldn’t find a job for over a year. ANY job. My own father and half of my friends were laid off from their jobs. The shopping mall in my city was closing down. But since I’ve come to CA, I also haven’t been able to find a job, and I’m going to Cosmetology school so that I can GET a job so that I can pay my way through art school. I read recently about the classes on and I reeeeeeeeeeally wanted to take the digital painting course that bobby chiu teaches, but I need a loan. Too bad that I can’t get a loan (I just got told I need a cosigner even though I’m 23 years old - and my dad disowned me because I want to be an artist… -_-; - like they didn’t know? I’ve been drawing since I was 2, wtf, and my mom just plain refuses to cosign anything…). And I can’t get a job so I can pay for it myself. Did you guys hear some places are HIRING based on credit?! I think that’s SOOOOO unfair. Because my credit is bad because I got kicked out on my rear and then the economy in Michigan bombed. Not much to be done about that when no one will help you out and no place within 60 miles of you is hiring.
I’m just depressed about this. So. I thought I’d tell you all seeing as I have like 0 friends, and no artist friends. QQ T_T :*( etc. And if this was out of line or tmi, I dunno, just ignore it or something.


Painter. 1hr.

rarodolly. sounds bad. I hope you work it out. FYI, I know a good many artist (me incl) who don’t have artist careers. Wish I did. Barack had it right last night - stick with school anyway


50 min PSCS2


GLenn, that is awesome!


~60min Pencil, photoshop


:cool: Glenn #9 and anim84food #12
Very nice indeed


Thanks for the compliments folks. This is a great topic for the times.


Photoshop 60 min


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