CgTalk Daily Sketch 1717 NT: CONCEPT ART: "FLASH GORDON: The Worlds of MONGO!"


is a rogue planet that travels through our solar system under the control of its dictator, Emperor Ming. Mongo is an inhospitable planet, with various extreme climate zones. Travelers to Mongo must pass through a “Death Zone” on the way, described by scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov as being “a zone devoid of any force”.
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Imagine you have been commisioned to concept art on a new
“FLASH GORDON: The Worlds of MONGO!” game…
We need concept art of the worlds visited bythe dashing hero Flash Gordon.
You may do your desings in one of two flavors:
[li]NEXT GEN[/li][li]RETRO[/li][/ul]We will use all the artwork produced from this thread artwork for a future MODELING/ VISUAL FX CHALLENGES.

From (

Notable locations
[li]Arboria is a forest principality with Prince Barin as the governor, [/li]
[li]Frigia is a frozen kingdom, and the ruler is Barin’s cousin, Queen Fria, [/li]
[li]Coralia is an underwater kingdom beneath the Sea of Mystery. It is located east of Arboria and is ruled by Queen Undina, [/li]
[li][color=darkorange]The Land of the Lion Men also borders the Sea of Mystery, and is ruled by [/color]King Jugrid and Prince Thun, [/li]
[li]The Magnetic Mountains are located east of the Land of the Lion Men and is a base of operations for Ming, the ousted king of Mongo, [/li]
[li]The Sky City of the Hawk Men is located north of the Magnetic Mountains, and the leader of this realm is King Vultan, [/li]
[li]Tropica is a continent of forests. It is directly east of the Sky City. Queen Desira rules Tropica. [/li]
[li]The Fire Lands are located on the east coast of Tropica, and is home of Gundar, the Desert Hawk.[/li][/ul]


Steven “Flash” Gordon is the hero of a science fiction adventure comic strip originally drawn by Alex Raymond, which was first published on January 7, 1934. The strip was inspired by and created to compete with the already established Buck Rogers adventure strip.


[li][/b][/li][/ul]Can I see some 1930 artwork?
[li]Link[/li][li][/li][li][/li][/ul]Good Luck…
And please ignore the god awful sci fi channel series…

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(The author will be given credit). So guys keep them coming


Is it NTL or 55 Minutes? I’ve never done any environment paintings/sketches so mine will suck but I’m excited to give it a shot at least. I can’t wait to see what Creeto comes up with though!


No time limit,
I missed updating that part.


(SHAKES WITH EXCITEMENT)…oops I think I peed a little.


I did “The Magnetic Mountains”. ~ 2.5 hours in Photoshop.


Whaow ! Thany, this is beautiful ! I’ve seen the works on your portfolio too and this is awesome. Good work !


Thanks gossage. I still feel a little rusty since I’ve been doing a lot of graphic design work in Illustrator lately.


Okay, I don’t know anything about Flash Gordon, but figured I’d draw an idea that I had for an underwater city anyways. Thany, that’s a really cool concept!


Tropica :slight_smile:

45 mins photoshop.


not many ideas atm but here’s one at least. might be doing another one

Photoshop, ~40



Photoshop 1hr 30 min


Awesome work everyone :slight_smile:

Creeto and Thany, very sweet stuff!



Daniel, lovely image. awesome colors as always :slight_smile:

here’s another quick from me

Photoshop, ~40mn



This is so awesome cant wait to do this.


Photoshop, ~50mn



Creeto, the Tropica one is very cool :slight_smile:


Hi, amazing entries, as usual !
Here’s my attempt. Spent too much time (or not enough yet) on it, I’ll eventually go back to it later. (ps+wacom+blender for the buildings geometry).


Flash Gordon brought to justice


Almost missed out on posting on this one. Creeto and Daniel, really great stuff.

NeWays, round 1.5hrs PS. Wacom


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