CgTalk Daily Sketch 1700 NTL "The Thing on the Stairs" PHOTO EXPERIMENT


HEy guys, we are going to try something different today…

Please modify the photo I have included with this message.

For inspiration check out this first:

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“The Thing on the Stairs” PHOTO EXPERIMENT

You have NTLfor your s ketch. IF you go beyond the assigned time limit , you have to post WHATEVER you have done after the time has expired, along with the FINAL drawing.
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(The author will be given credit). So guys keep them coming


20 mins Photoshop.


haha this was great fun! We must have more of these :smiley:

Photoshop - Forgot to time it, but probably around 1h 30m


Here is mine, uff the shadows where so difficult to emulate, i think there are wrong, but i do what i could. ps about 1 hour.


Photoshop. About an hour.


Here is my try on “Thing on stairs”. Playing with matte painting.




1 hr 30mins PS wacom… that was fun, i agree we should do more of these…
could have spent more time matching, but the concept was lost and i was just sketching in the end…

i need to stop using photobucket, i can’t update the DS scorecard, only upload a new one with a new link… what site are you guys using? flickr, something else, or just your own space…


Hi everybody,

here’s my attempt. 1h30 with psd+wacom
ps : amazing job Wexter !! I just love it


Photoshop, 50mn



hi, I am new to DSF, I thought I´d post mine too, this time;
Photoshop, ZBrush, about 2 h 50 min (I spent on this a little bit more time than I had planned, actually, but simply could not resist …)

   weird things are happening there, lately .. :)


so many good entries here - great work people!

a quickie from me PS/wacom 30 min… “the thing”


my tablet is busted. too much drawing…i guess. i’ll get a new one tomorrow or the day after but…

…here’s my little contribution anyway

Photoshop, ~55mn i think


Nice on Sodiaz
Weexter - classic use of the set up man!
Krpolak - those are nice pics you used too
alenah - something about that is well disturbing
daw - ah, interpretation interpretation :wink:
creeto - its really cool how you built that stair up

1hr ps 30mins max:



Around 2 hours… Great stuff guys/gals alenah, wow, looks like they’re right there!


Photoshop 30 min


~2 hours
Photoshop CS2
Wacom Graphire 2 (4x5)

Frio: Awesome entry!
Daw: We had the same idea!


about 1 hour, Painter


Had to try this out. =)

ps - 40-45 min


About 1 hour and 30 mins


very cool topic :thumbsup:
photoshop, about 35 minutes