CgTalk Daily Sketch 127 "Lair of the Black Queen"


[size=3]"[size=3]Lair of the Black Queen"*[/size]
By ROR[/size]
Posted Oct 9 am EST
*Lets try something different. Paint this like a painting for a production desing dept for a movie.

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hey roberto, can you start posting the “lets try something diffrent”'s in bright red font?


OOOooooh. This should be a challenge for me. :buttrock:


oki count me in


This is what I thought of when I read the ‘Film Production Design’
Mainly I thought about what would be used best for color and lighting.
Photoshop 1.2 hours. I think i want to expand on this idea someday. I really like how it came out, all moody and all.



10 mins Wings 3D for basic shapes and perspective.
1.5 hours photoshop with mouse


a quicky…

painter / 20min


All Hail Queen Alice!
1 hr 15 min. PS, Wacom


Finally back from vacation…really missed my internet.

OpenCanvas1.1 :: 1hr :: WPE
PhotoshopCS :: 15min :: levels, reflections.

~edited :: gave it a glow +5min OpenCanvas1.1
here is the previous version before the edit

GrizzlyBrice :: I like it a lot. The only thing I would change is to make the queen look more like a female. It kinda looks like it has a beard or something. Maybe some breast highlights would help.
ElysiumGX :: Nice, a mouse…thats tough.
DrawMonger :: sketch looks great.
robinayles :: Funny.


had some time tonight so did another one…sorry, not in the theme of a movie set.

painter / ps / 2hrs30

Used a ref for the big cat from an amazing book i picked up recently called ‘the animal art of Bob Kuhn’ … i think my first cat ever!


Sorry, only had time for the queen…
(you could see it as a production design for a very dull throne :scream: )

PainterIX, phshop, 2,5h

cheers guys!


Art2, fantastic lighting!! what do you think of painter 9?


Art2, man, I’m sorry, please forgive me, but what the heck…this is the best piece I’ve seen from you so far…this is absolutley positively outstandingly brilliant!

What the hell!

C’mon…tell us something more about it! It’s just too brilliant really! Brilliant style, brilliant execution, brilliant posture…I’m fcking blown away!




Thanks guys! That’s too much praise really, I’m blushing…
I still have lots to learn regarding light.

Drawmonger: I have Painter8, this I made with the demo of 9. What really stood out is the speed. In my eyes worth the 147euro upgrade. So I’ll be upgrading soon :slight_smile:
At the surface it just looks like 8, but I haven’t explored every bit of it yet.
I heared Ryan Church finally switched from version 6 to 9, because he thought it was worth it. That’s gotta mean something, heh?

Taron: dude, what’s there to tell? I wanted to make a black queen, the rest I decided to make up as I went. The canvas was a lot bigger than what you see now. But I just didn’t have the time to complete the rest of the room. I definately wanted to add volumetric lighting, because I thought I should push my boundries. Just curious if I could pull it off.
I wasn’t satisfied with the final result in Painter, so I called in the help of Phshop. Played with the levels a bit and achieved the final result.

Still feels a bit like cheating really :frowning:

Cheers fellas! :beer:

Taron: 8min :eek:? Sillhouettes are fun, aren’t they.


HAHAHA…I think Ryan just switched, because he doesn’t have to “register” his layers over top of eachother after copying them anyway…dear god…that little thing made me disrespect painter even more…by now I also believe it may be a great piece, but I’m still not really comfortable with it…havn’t checked out how to tie brushes to keys and such things…without it, it’s just not enough like painting, but rather like handling the interface with occasional paintstrokes. I’d love to get some tips there…

However, Art2, your volumetric light ain’t it at all…it’s the shape and lighting on the character that is so pretty and full of style. Whereby the light kind of works, it still is a bit funky. The chair also has some funky parts…the legs at the bottom look nearly copied from one side to the other and suggest orthographic perspective…strange…I would prefer a bit more dimensionality…it’s really the figure that brings it home…love all of it…except the foot is too small… GREAT WORK!


oh yeh i tried posting this last nite bute cgtalk was down and then y’know i forgot about it. any adivce on how i could have done the lighting better? or added another color some how? something bugs me about it…it needs more.
20mins PS/wacom.


Taron, the things that bugs you, bugs me too, good job on that buddy.
Thanks for the feedback!


20 mins PSP… no time …
nice one art2 :thumbsup:


2hrs, Photoshop + Wacom