CGSOCIETY Portfolio Update


[table]CGSOCIETY Portfolio UpdateNew Site update based off of artist feedback.

Portfolios are now fully responsive with full aspect for thumbnails and no gutters for saving space!

We hope you like it and stay tuned for updates to the uploader and headers.


Ok, good that you try to make some changes. Yes, I understand that this forum is old and it is not possible to make that much of a change to it, but to me it is mind blowing that in 2017 I have to click 3 times and get 2 pop up windows to see the art in full resolution. I often see thumbnails on the main forum page I want to look at, but I often feel it is to much work to do it.


Hi Masterofacid,

Not sure how to help? one click takes you to the image project and one clik on an image in a project opens up a full res window so you can zoom in and out of an image?


Hey Travis,

Yes, this is the problem. I do not want to click 3 times and get 2 pop-up windows to see the high res picture. It feels sooooo 1997, not 2017. There must be a better way yo display art in a way that encourage people to watch more picture than less (which is what I feel). Browsing through all this fantastic art in high res should be a joy, not be a technical pain in the ass. Sure, it could be an instagram or a pintrest page, but I am sure that within the technical limits of this fourm, it must be possible to make a smooth art viewing experience.


Well, I really don’t like it, I want old portfolio back because filter is confused and rubbish. I feel there are few galleries in your update. I remember long time ago, i can choose girl or science or cartoon in filter and look all interesting galleries portfolios! :slight_smile:


Advanced search is on their ‘todo’ list. I miss it too, will have to wait for it to come back.


Me gusta estos comentario, felicitaciones por lo expuesto en esta pagina, espero sigan asi, se ven buena informacion para esta epoca de cuarentena




Thank you for sharing this good news to us. We’ll wait for other updates.


thanks for good job




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