CGSociety partner with Verold to deliver a whole new digital art experience.


Adelaide, South Australia July 18 2013
– CGSociety has partnered with Verold to build a completely new web platform designed to inspire and connect Digital Artists globally. Verold, a pioneer in browser based 3D technology, has charged its team to use their extensive experience in website architecture and community management to build a platform that will host over 650,000 images and more than 1,000,000 forum threads. With a mission to provide a superior resource that will serve the changing needs of the CGCommunity.

“We had been talking to a lot of web companies around the world to find the right people to take the CGSociety site to the next level,” said Andrew Plumer, CGSociety’s CEO. " We had in parallel been discussing with Verold integrating their collaboration tools more seamlessly with our site. We both realized that there was a bigger opportunity that we could tackle together, to go beyond the 3D view and have them redesign our entire portfolio solution. Verold have an extremely strong development team, a superior understanding of what makes a successful online community and have already worked extensively with digital artists in developing Verold Studio."

“CGSociety is the authoritative resource for the professional CG artist, and we’re thrilled to be charged with redefining the experience for members,” said Ross McKegney, Verold’s CTO. “We’re going to make the CGSociety portfolio something that an artist can truly be proud of, a cornerstone of their online identity. We’ll also make available the exceptional catalog of digital artworks at CGSociety as beautiful galleries that those seeking inspiration can get lost in for hours. Our interactive 3D tools will be incorporated where they make sense, especially for use in workshops or for certain kinds of portfolios, but we’re both thinking much bigger than this with the partnership. Our mission at Verold is to empower CG artists to redefine the web, to make the online experience as rich and engaging as apps and games. We can think of no better partner in this journey than the amazing team at CGSociety / Ballistic Media.”

The new look CGSociety will be rolled out progressively over the next few months. It will offer greatly improved tools for artists, easy browsing, seamless integration of CGSociety’s Forums with CGPortfolio and more. The new system will also integrate Verold’s 3D tools adding a whole new dimension to browsing and collaborating with 3D models and scenes.

About The CGSociety and Ballistic Media
The CGSociety is the world’s largest society of professional digital artists and provider of forums, portfolios, training, job and event services for the digital arts industry. Ballistic Publishing is the leading, independent publisher of books for the digital arts industry. Dedicated to publications of the highest quality and celebrating the talents of digital artists worldwide, Ballistic has set the benchmark as an award-winning boutique publisher. Ballistic Media is based in Adelaide, South Australia, with representatives in Victoria (Australia), Tampa (Florida, USA) and the United Kingdom

About Verold
Verold delivers tools and professional services for creating web-based 3D interactive experiences for desktop and mobile. Why market your game with screenshots when instead you can reuse your game assets and let your audience experience gameplay? Why use an image gallery to show off your product or brand, when you can let them discover it in 3D? This isn’t fantasy, it’s real today thanks to modern web browsers and Verold technology. It’s as easy as uploading 3D content to our flagship product, Verold Studio - through seamless export pipeline from any of the major authoring tools. Once content is online, our collaboration features can be used to review and discuss assets with colleagues and stakeholders. Finally, our publishing tools make incorporating 3D assets in your website as easy as working with images and video. Verold is based in Toronto, Canada and online at

For further information contact:

Andrew Plumer. CEO, Ballistic Media
Ross McKegney. CTO, Verold


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