CGSociety /IAMAG Challenge FAQ - Rules and Guidelines / end October 30st at midnight


We’re ready to announce the winner this friday ( Dec. 15th ) … Sorry for the delay but worth the price !


Thanks Patrice and a huge thanks for a pretty amazing prize! We appreciate you guys helping out artist and taking the time to go through the entries.

Great work to the participants and good luck everyone. Someone’s flying to Paris and possibly changing there life ,well worth the wait;)


Thank you very much, and do not worry Patrice_Leymarie,
I worked many years with corporate events and know how it is, many things not only depends on you, depend on the assembly of the staff and the physical production of the event,
the accommodation of each of them, the safety of all. The location of the event, the time and besides all of you work hard for the choice…
I don’t want to seem like I’m fawning, who knows my personality, knows I don’t get bored easily and there’s no reason to…
The focus is on the solution and that’s what matters, and that’s what you’re doing. Who knows about CGSociety’s career for a long time, knows that serious people work on it.
I encourage and support, wish you happiness, hugs and good prosperous work in your lives.


Thanks @ROqueArts for your understanding and your experience :slight_smile:

I’ll announce the winner today around 3pm Paris time … or a bit earlier :slight_smile: Stay tuned and thanks everyone for being part of this!


First I would like to thank all of you for having been part of this challenge ! and here’s a recap of the prices :

1ST : Flight to Paris + All Accommodations + Drinks + IAMAG VIP Master Classes Tickets ( from March 15th to March 19th 2018 )
2nd : IAMAG VIP Master Classes Tickets
3rd : IAMAG Master Classes Ticket

Winners must contact me here via PM to get information about their Prize and how to obtain it!

First Prize goes to Tiago Sousa !

Second Prize goes to [b]Carolina Oliveira

[/b][b]3rd Prize to Eduardo Brito



Congrats to the winners!


OMG!!! O.O

I have no words!
As Travis sad, “Someone’s flying to Paris and possibly changing there life ,well worth the wait”

It’s gonna change my life, for sure.



Wow, I wasn’t expecting this at all! Thank you very much!

Congratulations Tiago and Carolina, wonderful pieces!
And of course, to the other contestants! There were some badass pieces in this challenge. :slight_smile:


Congrats to the winners. I was expecting at least one of them to be on the list :slight_smile:


I want give my thanks to the CGSociety for hosting this challenge and IAMAG for providing awesome prizes!
Congratulations to Tiago and Eduardo and shout out to everybody else who took the time to participate on this contest.
I am so happy and this is a great boost for me to keep learning and doing better.


Patrice_Leymarie Wooow beautiful works and greetings to the winners!
I love all this!I learned a lot in this personal challenge.
To emerge more and more.Congratulations to all the victorious, it was an honor to participate with yous.
Big Hugs;


Tiago Sousa, Carolina Oliveira and Eduardo Brito:
Yous have done a great job … Greetings and many congratulations, we sincerely thank the CGSociety team with, for making all this happen, yous not only rewarded three people, but taught many who want to pursue a career in this world of games or cinema, and I am one of them!


Congratulations to the winners and to those that came close and tried. I will be contacting many of you directly to see what we can do to give some runner ups something extra as well. Huge thanks to iamag and Patrice! We will make the official announcement this week and send out a newsletter to 300k + users here to reconize you as well.

Now onto creating a new chance for some of you tk win something! :wink:


Mr. Travis,
Great embrace and happiness;


Wow…! Well done and congrats to all the winners! :thumbsup: (also wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy New Year!)
All the best,


Congratulations to all the Winners!!:v::+1:


Great happiness New Year, For you, family and everyone.