CGSociety /IAMAG Challenge FAQ - Rules and Guidelines / end October 30st at midnight


Found it.
Thank you…!


Can you tell me where to upload the final image please?

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Hello everyone! I’m going to do my best to make a late submission for this challenge. I would just like to know, what time zone is the October 30th Deadline for? Because I will be posting from Australia. Also to post my wip’s, do I just reply to this thread and post, and then reply to my own thread each time and post the latest version there?

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Hey guys just create a thread here post at least 3 wip images and we will create a new forum for final images to be uploaded Friday.

Deadline is October 31 pst


Hi Travis,

The deadline is definitely the 31st? I did see October 30 before on the original rules/guidelines/description. Thank you!


I am not sure whether should I ask this here, but I saw some other artists had this problem too. So, how do I change thumbnail of my thread. I can’t find proper button anywhere??? Thanks! :slight_smile:


To edit your thumbnail…hit the edit button at the bottom of your first post in the it read and upload a new thumbnail under the subject line.

Entries are due on October 30th the cut off is October 31st pst

Patrice can confirm


Hey, guys, yesterday I started a new thread to post my submission for the contest, but it still haven’t been approved, so I’m getting a little bit concerned. Do I have to create a new thread once again? Thanks! :wink:

EDITED: Everything’s fine, thanks!


Hey Everyone! I was just wondering where the winning entries were posted for this contest.


creative-M I’m wondering too, I keep checking back to this site and on the Instagram hashtag for the challenge.


Hi Guys,

Sorry we’re a bit late, we’re collecting artworks from all the threads and will announce the winner during the second week of December.

Thanks for your patiente !


@Patrice_Leymarie Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:


Patrice_Leymarie. It’s fair. Some of us deliver the arts beyond the deadline. We will have to be understandable and patient. I’m grateful.


Hi Guys,

As promised I’m starting to sort all entries and we’ll dispatch to the jury…

Result must be announced soon !!!


Good night Patrice_Leymarie , surely it must be a hard task and greatly appreciate your efforts, the team and the jurors.
For me, just having participated with talented people, it’s a victory. Faced with a serious and special Portfolio forum as is the CGSociety.
Thank you very much!


Hello, so if You don’t mind me asking, when do You guys plan to post the results of the contest…?? I understand there is a lot of entries, and such contest needs quite a lot of human work in the background with gathering all the art, and then for jury to vote for winners… That being said, add to that the fact that You guys are already more than a month late, and barely any updates anywhere aside from this thread, this is VERY unprofessional. Ban me for saying it if You want, I am just saying what most of the contestants are surely thinking right now…

have a good and VERY productive day


Marowak, we says the second week of December a few posts above, and that’s the second week of December…
Waiting for a final decision as the votes are tight…

Also, we’re making tons of choices this week regarding the event, and as it’s related to the price we can’t announce the winner before the final location of the event

Sorry if you think it’s not Pro, but as mentioned… I already say second week of december a few replies ago


with all due respect, technically, we are already in the third week of the december… also saying that, instead of giving a very specific date is, well, hm…at least not very precise to say the least…
in the end I understand that organising such contest is a big challenge…but then, one shouldn’t do so, unless completely prepared for it… In the end a lot of people gave a lot of hours, and sweat and tears for this contest, and now it feels like they are left in a void a bit…

have a good and VERY productive day


Marowak, We do our best to announce it as soon as possible, ans we prefer to not hurry as the prize is a flight to Paris with all accommodations + Master Classes VIp ticket. It’s a huge prize for the winner and we want to be sure everyone agree on the choice of the winner.

I know that everyone has worked hard on this, as we do for the event, and I hope you understand that rushing it won’t be the solution.

and I don’t see why I would ban you for just discussing…


Fair enough, just wanted to raise the issue, but then I understand Your argument. As for banning, well, people react differently when given feedback, so I was preapared for any consequences my post could potencially cause…

have a good and VERY VERY productive day