CGSociety /IAMAG Challenge FAQ - Rules and Guidelines / end October 30st at midnight


Hello! I have a question, do we have to stick to the theme of game of thrones? I’m just wondering since I saw a lot of mentions of white walkers and dragons.


Good day! I just want to clarify things before joining.
Is it okay to like make a painting or 3d on my own and combine them and photobash some free photos online? Like a matte painting or something?
Or the real world photos that I will use have to be mine?
Thanks! :slight_smile:



YEs you can, but you need at least to imagine what’s beyond the wall :slight_smile:


You cna use free royalty picture as long you don’t forget to mention it in the process


Sorry I just gotta clarify, what I meant ask was do we have to do something related to game of thrones? is game of thrones, or the walls, or medieval things the mandatory theme or are we allowed to choose any genre we want as long as it’s the ultimate confrontation?


YEs it’s to be related to GOT as it’s the main theme


Hi sorry to bother you guys again. I was wondering if there’s any restrictions concerning the format of the piece. Thanks!


Hi :

Minimun resolution must be 2800px ( large or height ) other than you can do what you want :slight_smile:



Nice to Hear about the Challenge !:+1::clap:



So this competition is based on one of George R.R. Martin books? Haven’t read or watched anything related to him yet, but wondering if I should? Thank you. Sorry for being oblivious.


Hi ,

The TV show or the book, but you can get a quick overview with wikipedia of what’s about …


Are you allowed to use legally acquired material libraries, for example with a substance painter licence, or from gumroad or other sites?


As long as you credit the artists and have right to use them for derivated artworks :slight_smile:


Hi all!

Where is the publication of the progress of the piece?



Not sure I get it ? You must publish your progression in your own thread, here :


Can I use some photographic elements? So long as I modify them so they bare almost no resemblance to the original [via filters etc] ?
I’m from Malaysia btw =)


Hi may go for 5000 x 4000. Is that ok?


Format 4Kx5K is ok…

We prefer to avoid anyone claim sopyrights there are tons of royalty free pictures on the web, like on Pexels :



Can someone tell me how I can add thumbnail to my thread?
Thanks in advance!


If you click edit at the bottom of your first post you will see a box under the thread title named thumbnail.

If you still have trouble just link me to the image you want to use for your thumbnail and I will help