CGSociety Help & FAQ :: Please read this first


Welcome to CGSociety! As a new CGSociety member, you have access to privileges not available to the general public.

[li]Make sure that you can receive emails from the domain “”: white-list the domain in your spam control if possible. We do not spam people with unsolicited emails, however, we do send out important notices periodically.
[/li][li]Your first two posts require validation by forum leaders. Please allow for at least 24 - 48 hours for a post to validate.

Things that you can do to make the most of your CGSociety membership.
[li]Create a CGPortfolio – Go to, to browse fantastic artwork from other artists!
[/li][li]Customize your CGSociety posts – Go to to add an avatar, or customize your profile.
[/li][li]Join a CGChallenge! – Go to where we run major art contests.
[/li][li]Make your homepage – for the latest news and events in our industry, keep up to date! Access exclusive articles only available to CGSociety Members.

Support the Community! Become a paid CGSociety Connect Member
The CGSociety community is dependent on the support of the community. If you enjoy what CGSociety offers, please consider becoming a paid CGSociety Connect Member. For only $49 per year (less than 14 cents a day), you get privileged access including:
[li]Enhanced CGPortfolio: 50MB video hosting
[/li][li]Enhanced CGSociety forum features: more attachment space, more storage for private messages
[/li][li]Browse CGSociety websites without banner ads.
[/li][li]Major discounts on products including books, DVDs, workshops, computers and software
[/li][li]Royalty free video, animation, sound effects, music beds, photos and graphics for you to start using today. You will have over 11GBs of assets at your fingertips.[/ul]
[/li]See the full benefits of CGS Membership here

Ballistic Publishing – The official publishing company of the CGSociety
Ballistic Publishing is a sister company to the CGSociety and produces the world’s best digital art books. These include the annual EXPOSÉ book, and the d’artiste tutorial books. Proceeds from Ballistic Publishing go directly into supporting the CGSociety.

CGSociety Store – Discounts and more!
The CGProShop is the online store for the CGSociety and provides many goods that are valuable to your digital art including The Gnomon Workshop training DVDs, Ballistic Publishing books, software and more. CGS Members get a 5% discount on marked products (which most are).


What is CGPortfolio?
CGPortfolio allows artists to store, display and organize their artwork, as well as network with friends and colleagues. By having artwork hosted on the CGSociety, artists are able to leverage on the immense marketing engine that the CGSociety provides.

CGPortfolio Features video
Here’s a video showing off some of the cool features of the CGPortfolio - the networking, Google Earth integration, favorites, etc.

Getting Started
To sign up for a CGPortfolio you must first be logged into the CGSociety.
[li]Once you are logged in, visit the page:
[/li][li]You will be provided with your own personal domain. E.g. Domains may only consist of alpha-numeric characters and hyphens. Because of this unique feature, you may be asked to change your username accordingly.
[/li][li]Once your are logged in, you will see the personal details page. Fill in details as appropriate. We require at least your full name, country of residence and an email address. Once you have filled this page, click “Save Details”.
[/li][li]You will now be shown details of your account, verify that your details are correct and click “Create Portfolio” to activate your portfolio.
Congratulations! your portfolio is now active!

Viewing Your Portfolio
You can view your portfolio at the (replace ‘your-user-name’ with your CGTalk username).

You’ll be shown your summary page which displays various statistics about your portfolio. You can return to this page at any time by clicking the “Manage My Portfolio” link in the currently logged in user box at the upper right of portfolio.

To the left of the screen you will notice a menu allowing you to navigate between various management tasks within your portfolio.

CGPortfolio Animations
CGSociety members are given 50 megs of video hosting space, for details on how to access this please read the help file at Help:CGUploader

Your Custom Page Banner, Portfolio Cover Art and Personal Details Image
On the “Portfolio Settings” page you can upload a banner image (900x165 pixels) which will be shown when users are visiting your pages. If you choose not to upload a banner the default gray and black banner will be displayed.

You can also upload a custom Portfolio Cover Art (175x175 pixels), this will be used to identify your portfolio throughout the CGPortfolio site. If you don’t upload an image here your avatar from CGTalk will be used in it’s place.

On the “Personal Details” page, you are given the option to upload a personal details image (155x155 pixels) this is ideal for a portrait of yourself, as it will be displayed on your about page.

Networking with Other Artists
Whilst you are visiting another user’s portfolio page, you are given the ability to connect to them in two ways.
[ul][li]Favorites - if a user is not already part of your favorites list, to the left of the screen you will see a red box labeled “favorites” clicking the “add to favorites” button will add the user to your favorites list, allowing you to choose to receive email updates when they add new images, or post to their blog.
[/li][li]Network - you can also ask a user to join your network, whilst viewing their page, an orange box labeled “Portfolio Network” should be visible. If someone is not part of your network, you may send them a request to join your network, fill in a message, and click the “send invitation”. They will be notified of your request and be given the choice to accept or deny the request. If you are viewing the page of someone who has sent you an invitation that you have not accepted, this box will allow you to accept or deny their request.

Joining someone’s network means that you can choose to display a link to their portfolio at the bottom of your portfolio pages, and provides users a way to surf between users. It also allows you to see relationships between users using Google earth.

The Guestbook feature allows other users to post public messages to you. On the Guestbook Management page, you are given the option of hiding individual message, and also given the choice to require all new posts to require your moderation before they are displayed.

Google Earth Integration
It is possible to see where artists are situated around the world using Google earth. To see where other users are located around the world, first install Google earth from Once installed, to add us to the map, go to Add => Network Link set the name field to “CGSociety” and the location field to and click ok. Now you can see where Portfolio members are on the globe, and who they’re networked to.

To set up your own network link, visit and manually locate your house (don’t use search); For most people, it works best if you work in satellite view, once you find your house, click the link to this page button and copy the URL it shows - this gets pasted into the Google URL field. If you use the search function to find your house, you need to move the view around a bit. To protect your anonymity, you may wish to center your view on something other than your house, perhaps a local post office. Also, make sure that you use and not which for some reason provides co-ordinates in a different format.

If you open up the folder, you can see a list of the portfolios, at the bottom of the list, is another folder for network links. You can turn this on or off to show or hide the user networks.


Just the Facts

[li]You must register a CGPortfolio to submit images to CGTalk’s 2D & 3D galleries. If you don’t want to register a CGPortfolio, you are welcome to continue posting in the 2D & 3D WIP forums.
[/li][li]Submitting an image will add it to your portfolio but won’t automatically add it to the CGTalk gallery (more below).
[/li][li]Images submitted to CGTalk’s galleries will still go through the same validation process as before. Please allow 24-48 hours for your images to be approved.
[/li][li]Images submitted to your CGPortfolio will appear shortly after submission and are not subject to the validation process.
[/li][li]You must wait a minimum of 24 hours between each new submission to CGTalk’s galleries. This is to prevent gallery flooding by individual artists.

Submitting to CGTalk’s Gallery
[li]Upload the image and fill out relevant information fields. The top section of the submission form has adequate self descriptive information. Read carefully and follow the steps outlined.
[/li][li]At the bottom (before your image thumbnails) is this large drop-down box

Click anywhere on this box and a drop-down window will be present you with the CGTalk gallery submission guidelines. Read the posting rules to make sure that your image meets the requirements and select the option box at the bottom to indicate that you have read the info. If this option is not selected then your image will only show up in your portfolio.
[li]Click on the “Save in Gallery” button when you have all the proper fields filled out and you are ready to submit your image to the gallery and your portfolio. Your image will show in your portfolio fairly quickly. The CGTalk gallery submissions are sent to validation review queue which is processed by a panel of the Forum Leaders and Admins. Please allow 24-48 hours for this validation process.

Oops! I forgot to submit to the CGTalk Gallery!

[ul][li]There is no option to submit to the CGTalk Galleries after the image has been added to your Portfolio.[]If you forget to submit the image to the CGTalk Gallery or decide at a later date to submit it, you have only one option at this time:[list][]Delete the image from your CGPortfolio.[*]Resubmit it to your Portfolio and CGTalk Gallery.[/ul][/list]
What’s the Status of my image?
The Manage Gallery page will display a list of the images that you have submitted and show you their current status. Note in the picture below, the image highlighted will only show on CGPortfolio and not CGTalk’s gallery.


Why can’t I keep my user name?
Because we offer you a personal domain, there are some restrictions as to what we can allow as a domain. There are also some words we have reserved for our own use, or have blacklisted because we deem them inappropriate. Usernames must start with an alpha numeric character, and may include hypens after the first character.

Why do I have to change my CGTalk username to match my Portfolio Username?
We want CGPortfolio to integrate with the rest of CGSociety, and want our users to have a uniform username throughout the site, for our convinience and that of our users. We elected not to interpret user names that do not meet the requirements of a domain because in some cases this results in an overlap in usernames. We encourage you to change your user name, future projects will conform to the same rules.

Why is my portfolio not appearing on Google Earth?
The file that you point to on Google Earth is only updated periodically, wait a while and try again. If you are still not showing up, make sure you have your URL set correctly.

Some images have links to comments on CGTalk - why don’t mine?
Images that show links to comments on CGTalk have been submitted, and accepted to the CGTalk Gallery, and possibly selected for a CGChoice award. For the moment, an image needs to be submitted to these galleries to have comments. Remember to follow the posting rules for CGTalk gallery if you want to post to it.

When turning on images for the gallery, my images are not showing up.
There is a delay of around 10 minutes for changes made to the gallery as we cache parts of it to make everything work faster. Wait a while and your images will update.

I submitted my image to the CGTalk gallery, why isn’t it showing up?
As is mentioned in the submission instructions, all submissions to the CGTalk gallery need to be validated by a forum leader. Therefore, it may take some time before it shows. We have to manually validate all entries to the CGTalk gallery to maintain a consistent level of quality. Images will show immediately in your portfolio. Please allow for at least 12 hours - 48 hours (on weekends and public holidays) for images submitted to the gallery to be validated. In general, images are validated within 12 hours. In your gallery management page, you can monitor the progress of an image by checking the gallery status field. If an image is rejected from the CGTalk gallery, details as to why will be included by hovering over the status text.

How do I show images or URLs in my Blog, Guestbook, Image Description or Bio?
These sections of portfolio use bbcode, so you can use:


for a link, or;


for an image (for actual bbCode you should use square brackets [ ] instead of braces { }.
For a more complete overview of bbcode, check this page

Can I change my username?
Yes, you can by visiting the link below. Be aware that this will change the URL to your CGPortfolio as well.

How do I add additional images to my CGPortfolio or CGTalk Gallery submissions?
If you’re submitting an image to the Showcase Gallery, and wish to include additional images (wireframes, closeups, etc) in the gallery post, you can do this simply with IMG tags. IMG tags allow you to place an image into the post itself, in exactly the same way as the main gallery image is displayed.

First, you need to make sure the additional images are online. You can take advantage of the unlimited image hosting in your CGPortfolio or host your additional images elsewhere (your own server or a free image hosting site like Photobucket). If you are using CGPortfolio, remember not to submit WIP or detail images to the Galleries. The Galleries are for finished images only.

Once you have the WIP or detail images online, include the URLs to your additional images within the image description field using the following synax:


Replace the curly brackets above with square brackets as such - [ and ]

This will insert the additional images into your post.
For a detailed tutorial on how to do this with a Photobucket account, please see this link.


Below are a 10 simple guidelines on how to effectively post support questions and problems on CGSociety. These are designed to help resolve your problems quickly and accurately.

#1 - Read the instructions
Just to make sure you didn’t miss something obvious.

#2 - Read the FAQ
The Frequently Asked Questions page contains a list of the most common problems and questions that have been encountered. This should be your first stop whenever you are having problems, as the answer is usually listed on this page.

#3 - Search before you post
If your question is not addressed by the FAQ page, chances are that someone else has asked the question before you. The next step should be to use the forum search feature to try and find previous solutions to your questions. You should also check the threads on the first few pages of the support forums in case its a global problem and there is a solution right in front of you.

#4 - Start a new thread for new problems
If your question is not in the FAQ or in other forum threads, start a new thread. Do not reply to an unrelated thread and ask your question. By keeping unrelated topics separated, we can better keep track of issues.

#5 - Use a sensible thread title
“Help me!!11” is not a sensible thread title. “Portfolio images are not appearing” is more useful. Make your thread title reflect your problem, so the right person sees it and can respond to it quickly.

#6 - Post in the right place
Make sure you are posting in the appropriate forum for your problem. Help requests pertaining to software (Maya, Photoshop, etc.) should go in those software specific forums. This support forum (that you’re reading this thread in) is for assistance with CGTalk, CGSociety or CGPortfolio related questions.

#7 - Be direct
We do not need your life story when dealing with a support question. Simply tell us your problem as simply as you can.

The vital stuff we need to know:
[li]What you were doing when it broke?
[/li][li]What error messages are you getting?
[/li][li]What other methods have you tried?
[/li][li]How many times have you tried?
[/li][li]What Operating System (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and Browser (Firefox, IE, Opera) are you using?

All of this will help us answer your question quickly and accurately. These are going to be the first things we ask when we respond to your post, so you might as well save everyone the time and tell us from the start.

#8 - Read the error messages
Most of the time the system will tell you whats wrong through error messages. These are often enough to help you work out what is going wrong without needing to post a support thread. Keep an eye out for red, orange or yellow error messages when something is not working properly.

#9 - Be polite
The Forum Leaders here are all volunteers. Being abusive and angry in your support posts is unnecessary and makes the support team less inclined to want to help you. We understand it can be frustrating when things are not working properly. Swearing, being sarcastic or demeaning in your post does not help the situation. Remain professional and you will be treated with the same courtesy.

#10 - Please be patient
The support team are humans too. They need to eat, sleep and socialize with other humans (some of us anyway). So, occasionally they may not respond to your issue immediately. We ask that you please be patient and allow some time for your question to be resolved.


Information regarding Forum Signatures

Signatures have been disabled for the user groups “New registered users” (users with fewer than two posts) and “Registered users” (people who have been here for fewer than 100 days, or with fewer than 100 posts - whichever passes first).

[ul][li]New users have to make 2 posts to be removed from the “new registered users” group and placed into the “registered users” group.[*]“Registered users” must make 100 posts or be a member longer than 100 days (whichever occurs first), before being allowed to create/edit a signature.[/ul]
Images are not allowed in forum signatures.