CGSociety Chapters


Let us know if you want to setup a local chapter meeting by emailing Andrew Plumer at We’ll see what we can do. Specifically, we need to know - who you are, what you do, where you are, how many people you have in your vicinity who you can potentially reach. To start off with, we’ll probably need at least 5 CGS members in your local Chapter to commit to starting and running the Chapter (at least 4 meetings a year) in order for the Chapter to startup.

[b]Webspace[/b]. We can provide webspace for your specific local chapter that you guys take care of.

[b]Forums[/b]. Local chapters can have their own CGS forums here for you to connect with other CGS members.

[b]Meetings[/b]. To start off with, the easiest thing that we can do is to provide a DVD with a slideshow of all the images in EXPOSE' 3 that can help kick off the CGS meetings. I'll also speak to some partners about getting short films and DVDs available for Chapters to have viewing nights.

[b]Books[/b]. If you have a local chapter and you can get a bunch of people in your chapter who want to order Ballistic books - consolidate the order and make a bulk purchase. 5+ books have a 20% discount, 10+ books 25% and higher discount with more books. Pass the savings on to Chapter members. The books get delivered by FedEx to one location and you then pass the books on to members at the meetings. Note that EXPOSE' 3 pre-orders will start on 9 May, and you can put in bulk pre-orders for the books.

[b]Posters[/b]. CGSociety and EXPOSE' 3 posters if you can help spread the word and market your local chapter events. (please note that these are probably going to have to be done 'on demand' to start with so we can't give out free posters to everyone, only to Chapters to help promote the CGS).

I’ll have to come up with the documentation and formalise the Chapters, but do please feel welcome to make suggestions or contact me personally.



Hi all,

Just letting you all know that Andrew Plumer is the new Executive Director of the CGSociety and will be handling all the Chapter Formation requests. Please email Andrew - for all CGSociety related matters from now on.




How do we get in touch with Andrew? He’s not responding to e-mail.


Can we contact someone to handle the chapter formation besides andrew?


just sent an email to Andrew. We’ll see what response I get.




If someone made an LA one it would be insane. I’m not even going to pretend that I want to start it. I’d join it though.



I wouldn’t mind starting up a chapter in Toronto, btw i found a store that sells Ballistic publishing here, good prices too.


I’d like to see a chapter start up in NYC. I can’t personally commit to setting it up, but I’d definitely be a part of it!


I’m looking for meetings like this in the Orange country region. I dont’ have time to set one up but i’d definitely show up.


I think that Portland, Oregon has one coming its way.


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I can commit to starting up a NYC chapter but it looks like I’ll need to present 5 other interested people besides myself to get one going. Any takers?



I recently got the go ahead to start up a CGS chapter in Chicago. Some tips that may help.

Send an e-mail to Andrew Plumer, declare your interest in starting a chapter.

In your e-mail detail the following:

-Your goals and direction for the chapter
-Your short term goals
-Your long term goals
-How you plan on reaching out to the design community

What they want to see is that you are seriously committed in getting a Chapter started, with an out-lined strategy on how to make the chapter a success.

When I pursued the CGSociety Chicago chapter endeavor, I did not at the time have 5 members to back the chapter. I was of the opinion “Build it and the members will come”

Once you get the ball rolling, consider the following:

-How many meetings are you willing to commit to. For Chicago I have committed to 6 meetings per year.

-Find a permanent home for the chapter. I approached a 3D Design School called Flashpoint. They are similar in setup to VFS, and were very helpful. They felt that their affiliation to CGSociety would benefit their student body.

-Reach out to similar organizations in your area, such as Autodesk and Adobe User groups. They are typically very helpful, and want to cross pollinate with other organizations. By doing so you will not only network with like minded professionals, but also get words of wisdom from them.

Some closing comments. If you are serious about starting up a chapter, set yourself up for success.

-Go with the attitude that you will be a serious organization

-Do not think it will be an easy process, there is alot of back end work and logistics.

-Trying to organize your first meeting at a Starbucks, on some day of the week over the forums will discourage alot of potential members…they will look at it as a fanboy group, not a serious organization geared for students and professionals who are looking to network and pursue their passion for Digital Art. Instead schedule, schedule, schedule…having a home for your chapter will help immensely and will demonstrate to potential members that your chapter means business!

-Contact your local design schools, not only are they a potential recruiting ground for new members, but they may be able to help you out with a permanent home.

Hope these words of wisdom help. I look foward to be able to call your chapter a sister chapter. We definitely need more CGS chapters in the US.



Waterlilly, just wanted to let you know I’d definitely be interested in joining a NYC chapter. Let’s do this!


I would also be interested in attending a NYC Chapter. I believe that is 4 people in this thread so far.


I’m in Philly, but I’m in the city all the time and would definitely join a NY chapter.


I’m in Toronto and I most definately would join a Toronto chapter.


Time to start an Atlanta chapter!


Anyone interested in creating a London chapter? I’d join for definite


chatting wiht different people is very pleasing.
it is the first time for me to join the forum,wish happy communication