CGS Mentor Introduction: Martin Hamilton - Character/Creature Artist


Hello Everyone, I’m Martin Hamilton and i’m currently an aspiring character/creature artist for games. I grew up in Maui on a small farm away from everyone else, Because of this I had to learn everything about game art online and by myself for the most part. Growing up in the countryside I’ve grown to love bugs, animals, and creatures of all shapes and sizes, which has drawn me to the awesome art of creature design. Over the years I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to meet an amazing community of artists who help me grow and improve. I’ve also had the chance to take some amazing classes from some of the best artists in the industry such as Jason Martin and Adam Skutt. I’m currently getting a degree in philosophy of education and love teaching. I’m excited to learn, teach, and expand this community with you all.

As a CGS mentor I hope to help out in the education forum and be available to anyone curious about good learning habits to boost their ability to improve and learn. I also am active on the discord chat and try my best to give advice on models and answer questions about Game Art. I hope to get to know everyone more over the course of the year and learn from all of you as well :slight_smile:

Feel free to connect with me:


Here’s a bit of my portfolio. I’ve slowed down a bit this semester as I prepare to graduate, but have a new creature coming out soon I hope to share with you all.

I also enjoy creating materials which I can incorporate into my creatures.


Seen quite a few of your materials, still have to try them out for myself though! :slight_smile:
looking forward to the next creature!


Happy to have you with us.


Happy to have you with us Martin!

I think your activity on the discord is fantastic, it feels like regardless of when someone posts a wip or asks for some feedback you find the time to make a legitimate comment on it.


welcome to the group dude, your on discord? What channel?
Really nice work man, well thought out and composed.


Thanks Joakim,
I try my best to stay active when I can and give advice whenever people want it. Also love getting comments from all of you to improve my self :slight_smile:


Yeah Ian, it’s a fun time on the discord.

Stop by sometime we’d love to have you :slight_smile:


How’s it Martin! Great introduction and we definitely need to talk about your time growing up on farm in Maui. I never knew that about you bro! As always, I love the effort and time you give back to the community. You’re one of a kind and it’s great that I can call you a friend! Keep up the great work martin!


Hey Michael,
Yeah I’d love to talk to you about Maui, I want to hear from you too about your time in Hawaii.
Thanks so much man, I feel like I learned from you when you would always compile notes for us in Travis’s and Hannah’s old class. I was always thinking “Michael is so helpful, I should try and do that” haha
You still help out the community so much with your breakdowns and explanations of how to use different compositions, detail, value, etc. I definitely feel lucky to be able to call you a friend :slight_smile:


Hi Martin! I recognise this artwork from Facebook! Nice that you’re a CGS Mentor! Also nice you’re self-taught like me :smiley: Cheers!