CGS Mentor Introduction: Joakim Hammarslätt:


Hello people,

I’m Joakim, whose two primariy aspirations are to become a character/creature artist and the go-to mocap guy and animation consultant for armed combat. In all honesty I don’t even know if there’s a title for it, or if the indsutry calls for it. But I firmly believe that melee-combat systems and choreography and could be greatly improved by increasing the general literacy and understanding of the historical practises of armed arts.

Aside from fighting with sticks I’m passionate about anatomy, character, game design and weaving it all together. I’ve spent the past 6 or so years learning stuff from various online instututions such as Digital Tutors, New Masters Academy, Youtube and CGS-classes.

That’s probably the longest Tinder bio I’ve ever written, and hopefully some of you guys will swipe right on me!

I hope we’ll all get to know eachother better, and eventually collaborate and host some get-togethers and art-talks on Discord or similar!

For those interested in finding out what historical research on fencing might look like, I’ll throw in a link below to the most popular page with collections of texts and images on the topic:


Hey welcome aboard Joakim!
I love that troll with the moose antlers, can’t wait to see what more you come up with in your sketchbook, it was great seeing the progress on your knight!


Thanks man!

I’m currently working on a collaboration project with a concept artist for a human knight this time! When we get the ball rolling I’ll keep you guys updated on the sketchbook thread forum again!


Really nice work Joakim, and welcome to the group.


Hey Joakim,
I really enjoy your passion for melee combat and your insights into it.
On top of that I love seeing all the little bits of information and attention to detail you like to give your creatures to tell a story about them.
Can’t wait to see more from you.


Thanks guys, I appreciate the positive words!


Hi Joakim! Nice aspirations and pieces you have. Hope you find what you’relooking for :slight_smile:


Hello ! Nice tinder bio ! : )


Hey Joakim!


Hello , Hello :slight_smile: