CGS ENV 101 Members


Hi, that sounds very good. I’m in. Thank you. ( Jeronimo)


I would like to participate as well.


Nice, must dig for something of interest in what I got


I would like to participate too.


Seppe Vangrunderbeek!, SeppeV I’m very interested in these scans! :smiley:


I want in too, please!


I’d like to receive please, picking up Photogrammetry and Blender so this’ll definitely be a good reference :smiley:


Cool some material to try out, please count me in.



count me in please :slight_smile:


Cool man! I lost my scans I did in LA. It’d be great to have those crazy LA trees in canada!


Very Interested. Exactly what I was looking for as I am trying to get into giant 3D layout scenes!
Thanks CGsociety


Rendering out the last 3 to test at medium level. I suggest everyone take their time and try them out at medium first then decide on which to go high quality with.

Keep in mind these were our learner scans so some are better than others and our next release will be better

Im primarily capturing for learning and concept but looking forward to seeing what others do with them


Would like to get some too ! Thanks .


I’m in !! :grin:


me too! Thanks!


Thanks you for count me in


THanks! Count me in too, please!


I’m interested!


Thank you for sharing please count me in for the donwloads


Count me in!