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Hey hey Travis!
Here’s the article I was talking about before, it’s a de-shadowing plugin working in Unity. It’s pretty straight forward and works really well with rocks and other very matte surfaces. =)


Hey Travis! I want to collaborate too, I’ve been playing with the idea of doing scans and this is the perfect oportunity to get to do it :smiley:


Sounds great! the idea is for everyone to jump in and give it a try together sharing our failures and small vicotries. Week 1 is almost done and I will do a write up and share some of the initial scans with people on the list to give it a try for those that cant get out to shoot.

Here are two more scans at medium level. Have to admit this is addicting as hell. Going to try and make it out to ladder canyon possibly this weekend.


I will try to be on both ends


I’m in. Sergio Aguilar.
I’ve do some scans before with my friends DSLR camare, but since I moved to study visual arts, I dont have a camara so I did this scan with the camara of my cheap LG phone. Turned very good I think so I did some renders, its a statue from Efrain Recinos, one of the greatest artist from my country, painter, architect, enginner and a athlete.


You have to take photos also from different levels,(down, middle and upper) since its a little objet and almost white and black, you need more reference point, and using a paper as background will get you less, so taking photos from a lower level will take more reference points from the background, as trees or objets that have many colors and shapes work better but you will have to clean the dense cloud after, also the stickers will show better in a lower level and it will work as reference points too.
Dont forget it also works better if you turn around the objet and not rotating the objete because it will take less reference points :slight_smile:


I’m also interested. Thanks!


Thanks for the suggestions @Martin and @Pacer

I tried a few different things- more shots, less shots, revolving, rotating, different angles, different backgrounds, different lighting… still bad results!

Best cup results using a black background, but I’ve concluded either the bland white surface won’t scan… or my little camera isn’t right for this. I think my next experiments will be using a more textured object, then outdoor shots!


Please share the scans, thanks.
As of now do not have any scans to share.


would love to be part of this and see what I could do with these scans


Great Idea. Would love to participate. Created a couple of scans myself (mostly tree/rocks/etc.). How / where do we down-/upload?


Kai, how do you clean scan like those of yours? Zbrush?


Yeah, mostly ZBrush. It still seems to be the best solution for doing these kind of things. I also tried out 3d coat but the workflow was overly complicated if you wanted to keep original UVs.
To be honest, I try to keep cleanup to a minimum. I mostly use them in Clarisse so the polygon count does not really matter. Just remove the unwanted areas/blobs in zbrush and then I fill up holes just by placing other smaller rocks / things that I either scanned myself or from Megascans



I will be uploading a simple dropbox account tonight to use and share but we will have a more permanent solution in a week or two.

These scans look cool love the moss covered rocks! Lets get a ton of these going. I will start my week one recap tonight after a few meetings and talk about my experiance with diffferent cameras and equipment as well! Looking forward to other people jumping in sharing scans and images as well.


Count me in!


Ryan I expect great things everything in arms reach of where you are is interesting to scan;)



tomorrow night

#38 Thanks!


Hi Guys,

Would love to participate, great idea, but a bit tied up at the moment.
Will this be an ongoing thing?



Count me in thanks! I wish we could show you our 3d photogrammetry heart we did but we’d have to get certain permissions to do that.