CGS DSF 4024 "London in Winter"


“London in Winter”


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I started out with London and winter but ended up with sci fi, looked cooler. :slight_smile:


Made an update to the composition…


Great image slejf.

I think I prefer the first image better though. Perhaps because I like images that flow from left to right, like writing does.


Ryeath, thanks. :slight_smile: Interesting, do you think the composition is better in the first one too?


I still favor the first one. The second one is zoomed out more and doesn’t feel quite as personal as the first one.


Appreciate it thanks, :slight_smile: Perhaps one shouldn’t overwork the pieces which probably happened here. I think it can be good to try the same piece in a different manner to see what works and what not. :slight_smile:


Ryeath, what you think about this one? Changed the composition a bit… :slight_smile:



The latest version has an interesting contrast compared to the first two images. I can try to explain it as best as I can.

The first two images everything flows in one direction. The first one platform draws the eye fro left to right and the slant of the horizon draws the eye from left to right (at least it draws my eye that way). The second one does the same, only from right to left.

The third image the platform draws my eye to the right, but the horizon draws my eye to the left, creating a strange, almost unsettling effect to me. It is almost uncomfortable to look at.

I must say to take any input I give with much caution. Your art is so far ahead of mine I feel completely inadequate to be offering up opinions. But I do enjoy looking at your images.


Ryeath, appreciate it you taking the time answer. :slight_smile:
I am gonna see if this composition can work above, will try to develop the piece some more to see what kind of balance I can get. :slight_smile: