CGS DSF 4004 "The Cold Days of Winter"


“The Cold Days of Winter”


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Sketchbook Pro 8…


Sazem, nice. :slight_smile:

I made one and it turned to shit some 30 minutes in… thought I would post anyway to support the activity here. :slight_smile:


Nice image Sazem, kind of has a “Where the Wild Things” are vibe to it.

I’ve done a couple pictures for a few of the recent topics, but have been a bit to embarrassed to post them. Just got photoshop and am trying to figure it out.

Photoshop about 2 hours.


Slef, I think your painting definitely has potential. You shouldnt have quit. Posting it anyway here is good spirit! :slight_smile: Also I have to admit that after initial sketch I had lots of problems and I almost stopped also… But I forced my self to get something decent. Even if it didnt really came up as good as I wanted.

Ryeath, I didnt knew “where are the wild things” before. I checked from Google Image and they look awsome haha. That feel was surely something I was looking for :smiley:
Btw, I dont post the sketches here often too (about 30%) because it ends up plain crap. So it happens to all of us… Except for Creeto, he only makes awsome sketches :smiley:


Sazem, thank you and yea you are right, time is always a factor these days though. :slight_smile:

Ryeath, nice one. :slight_smile: