CGS DSF 3649 "Gods & Monsters"


“Gods & Monsters”


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"A proper jewel"
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Gods and Monsters


Nice like always Daniel. It seems that you are only one who is keeping the flag in here.
I try to join too… no more excuses, I just need to get used to this tablet again :smiley:
(I really suck haha)


Great Entry Daniel! How long did it take you to complete?

Sazem, is it some kind of god-monster high five?

Mine took me something around an hour. Used just a simple round brush, which is not my usual preference. I am kinda happy with the water, not with the rest.


Sazem - Thanks! Nice entry as well. Yes, I hoping we can attract others to the thread. I get busy with other stuff, but I will try and do my best to have some consistency.

Myridiphis - Thanks and I dig your piece too. Nice composition. I spent about 90 mins. on mine.


Daniel, It seems to work… we have just have little more people joining too. :slight_smile:
I gotta take my tablet also to my summer house so I dont have to stop skething again.

Myrid, hehehe noo! it was more like “hand wrestling” type of situation :smiley:
Btw one of my favorite brushes in photoshop is almost round & little tilted, just a little bit settings on pressure on opacity and more on size… I can do almost all sketching with only that one.
I would really like to have that same brush type on Clip studio paint too.