CGS DSF 3518 40 mn "A Winter Day "


"A Winter Day "

You have 40 mn for your your sketch. IF you go beyond the assigned time limit , you have to post

  • WHATEVER you have done after the time has expired, along with the FINAL drawing.
  • You may post a drawing at ANY TIME, but if you wish to be eligible for the Sketch of the Week,
    it must be finished at least a week after the topic has been posted.
  • You may also re-post a copy of your finished drawing a this forum:
    Member SKETCH Collection
  • Post only your FINAL piece on this thread, based on the topic on the thread.
  • Only final pieces can be posted on the thread.
  • They must have been done AFTER the topic has been announced.
  • RESOLUTION : The image can have any aspect ratio up to 1024 x 1024.
    NOTE: The forum WILL RESIZE your image. but you may post a direct link to a high resolution version of your drawing


40mins, GIMP and Graphire2. I am very slow and out of practice right now!


Here’s my attempt at todays topic. Always trying to be a bit more economical with my brushstrokes.
Much to learn. 40mn

(click for higher res)


I really like the brush work u have… and the nice feel of the painting.

I remembered wrong the topic after started painting and it came out as winter night! But… my excuse is that in Finland we really dont have “real” days in winter, because the dark comes already at 4 pm…! :smiley:


Oh man, you all have got such nice paintings. I love the colors of X, very nice stuff and the tree is adorable!

I’m just going for a cheeseball image, hehe…but hey, I just woke up and the topic came to mind for no reason.

(42min) Verve


All three of you, your colours are fab.

It does remind me that by default I pick three or four shades of the same colour to start with, and that loses me depth if I don’t have several hours to go and add in others!


I’m on a weird trip of being super-bold, making a two color base layer and then doing another color layer over top, which I then partially erase as atmosphere only, so to say, then I may even add a third layer with yet another color to vignette it or broadly tint areas a little. Verve currently doesn’t have blend-modes, which sounds bad, but it actually makes you work with a more natural oil-painting spirit of adding varnishes so to say. But I’ll soon add blend modes, too.

Another way I’ve been painting is even weirder. I do a black against transparent sketch, which I smudge for shading, too. Then I add color underneath it in a separate layer. That works stunningly well! I may then add a layer on top to add highlights, for example. A very quick and secure/relaxed way of coloring.


Here is mine. Finished on the time, but I am not very happy with it. I could not get the right depth and distance:(

anyway, I love Xharthok image, I totally see all the icy crystals in the snow!!
Sazem - weirdly reminded me Cabin in the woods movie
TheTaron - interesting approach, looks like oil painting


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