CGPortfolio Photoreal Interiors Upload Comp - May 14th - June 16th 2014


So many incredible interiors uploaded over the years - regularly.

We sometimes feel that photoreal arch-viz flies a little under the radar, that occasionally it’s the unsung hero of 3D modelling. Perhaps not quite as cool as a creature or a character, nor as awesome as a sweeping ice-covered mountain vista, photoreal interiors nonetheless can hold a viewer captivated for hours, searching for and discovering thoughtful, tiny details that make the piece feel…well…real.

Light of Life by Mark Hunayan

This mini-comp focusses specifically on real-life, 2014 interiors. We don’t want your spaceship flight-decks, or your fantasy castle halls (phenomenal as those can be.) We’d like to see a room we can walk into today. It doesn’t have to be a household room - it can be a public space. (This museum room is pretty amazing - it’s Galleria Borhgese by Hector Aguado)

So what do you have to do? Well, like the other mini-comps in this thread, you need to upload your work as a project to your CGPortfolio and TAG it "interiorsminicomp’’. This will build a gradual gallery of work our judges can use for judging.

We’ve got a couple of great judges for this one - our forum leader Giorgio Luciano, and we’re lucky enough to have Chad Wanstreet, an FX supervisor from Blur and a photorealistic environment specialist. (There may also be a third mystery judge - stay tuned!)


  1. Raw wireframes of your models (no outsourced materials, please)
  2. At least TWO WIPs.
  3. A final beauty render - please make it hi-res - minimum resolution of 1920x1080 if possible.

Please add all of these to your CGPortfolio project page. If you want comments or feedback on your work as you go, you can post links in this thread.

If you want to submit a piece you uploaded some time ago, you can. Please make sure it has all the necessary elements, and it’s tagged “interiorsminicomp” and it will be considered.


Same as always :slight_smile: This is a mini-comp. Each of our judges will select their favourite piece, and each of those will win a free CGSConnect Membership , and a free CGWorkshop of their choice.


Great ! :slight_smile: I’m sure there will be a lot of terrific post


Ahhh!! this looks awesome! I think I may have to jump on this challenge!


HI guys i’ve posted my entry here but i’m not sure if it is tagged correctly! can you help me? i wrote interiorsminicomp but i can’t see it in my profile


Hey Danilo,

Congrats on being the first person to post an image!
I think that Kirsty or the CGSociety staff could better help you on where your post should be and how it is appropriately tagged.

As a judge I would say that I like where you are going with these images, but would love to see you take the time to further develop them and post some of that progress for us to see in your portfolio. I think you have a good start but some of the post effects are perhaps a little to strong and distract from the details you have begun to put into your images. Additionally some further exploration on the lighting, composition and textures would be a great benefit. Also watch out for tangent edges when laying out your props in the scene.



Hi Chad,thank you for your answer :slight_smile: and also thank for your golden advice! :slight_smile: unfortunately i did not have the file on my hard disk anymore :frowning: so i have to post it as it is… …this was the first time for me with Vray…i wish to improve more and more in my next projects :slight_smile:


I have a couple of quick questions. The post states, ‘no outsourced materials, please’. Does this mean we are not allowed to use outsourced materials or textures? Or both?

Are we limited in terms of the modelling/rendering/post production options available?



Hey Danilo - thanks for uploading your work - I got your PM, too. If you go into your the project image, on the right hand side of the page, you’ll see a menu in red marked “Tags”. This is where you need to write “interiorsminicomp”. (You don’t need the quotation marks!)

If you have any further problems, email Ben Castles, our IT support guru, on and he’ll help you :slight_smile:


thank you for your interest :slight_smile: i was doing this way, but i was unable to see it! anyway i’ve tried again and now the tag is properly displayed :slight_smile: thanks and keep doing good work on the site!


We are looking for original material, ie: images not using models from existing libraries such as evermotion or dosch. The expectation is not that you have shot personally all textures, but the expectation would be that you created the materials yourself.

With respect to rendering… all rendering engines are welcome, likewise with post production.

Hope this helps!


What is this WIP?


Work in Progress.


Hi guys.

This is my entry. It´s about an old kitchen and remembers my childhood.

I used 3ds max and mudbox for modeling and vray for rendering.


Rafael, thats an excellent piece! Well done!


Awesome work, every object perfectly rendered to project an ultra high resolution rustic scene nicely done, the 40hr render time certainly paid dividends, also I like those polished Venezia scenes.


Thank you that does help! I was confusing materials with materials :smiley:


Hi all :slight_smile:
Posting an older project.

Hope I was able to edit the tag correctly.


Is it really fare to the people who plan on doing the project within the month timeframe from scratch to have to compete with others who just upload work which could have been done over the span of a year?


Hey - thanks for your comment. We believe a month is still long enough to create a beautiful piece of work.


this is a interior render of a office. used vray render