CGPortfolio Animations – Now Live


Hi all,

We’re pleased to announce today that the Animations/Videos in CGPortfolios have been enabled for CGS Members! If you’re a CGS Member, you can upload your videos, animations, and demo reels to be hosted by CGSociety. The video will play in your CGPortfolio for everyone to see, including potential employers, and industry peers.

See it in action here:

Flash Video Format
All videos are uploaded in Flash video format. There are free Flash video encoders available, notably Riva and FLV Encoder.

CGS Members instructions (CGS access only)

CGS Membership
Video functionality is only available to CGS Members, which costs $29.95 a year and includes a host of other benefits including unlimited CGPortfolio hosting, ad-free browsing, discounts and more. See all CGS Member benefits

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That’s awesome! Great stuff :slight_smile:


Hi Leonard,

Are there any plans to support other formats, e.g. WMV?

I’ve found that seems to give the best results, it makes 720P HD Reels playable fullscreen on average machines.

I’ve just tried the Riva encoder, and the quality doesn’t seem to be as good as WMV.




Hi Steve,

At this point, I’d have to say no. We wanted a format that was pervasive and pretty much worked everywhere. We also wanted a format that everyone could compress into at a reasonably good quality without having to pay for the software. Flash video was the answer to that.

There are tons of other formats - WMV, QuickTime (my favourite using H264 codec), MPEG4, Real, DivX, etc. but we just wanted a single format that was free and that worked on as many machines as possible.



OK, thanks

that’s a shame, I don’t really like FLV, I think it’s OK for incidental animations on a page, is it possible to get it running full-screen for example?

Personally I think it would be better if it was down to the individual member, and it was just a hosting service, but that’s just my opinion.


  • Steve


i think this has turned the tide for me. I was all for getting a CGS Member account, but now i think its even more worthwhile than ever.

I agree with Steve Green, but i agree more with Leonard. Im thinking the main objective of these portfolios is for everyone to see your work, if flash is the best possible way for that then i say it should be the standard, yes i would love to see that animation in high rez .avi but say i send my CV/resume to some CG house and they goto my porfolio site and they are using a mac or windows and cant play the format or they have to goto and get the player and … ive lost them already.

I was contemplating making a site of my own a while back, i knew it wouldnt be too hard but quite time consuming (time i dont have). This has made things alot easier bringing the content right to the viewer and in a professional way and easy for the artist to update.

Good move forward. Well done CGS Team.



Yeah, I’m just more for offering choice.

The ideal would be flash as the catch-all choice, and allow the member to have a HD format of their choice as well (although it might be pushing it to squeeze both into 50Meg.)

  • Steve


YAY - I’ve been waiting for this option :slight_smile:


Sweetness! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


this is awesome news! thanks you guys!

this makes me glad i subscribed even more!


Great News!
But why you didn’t separate the animation from the still gallery?

Anyway great work :thumbsup:


Yeh, I’m for seperation or another solution can be adding a small movie icon in the corner of the thumbnail.


FLV works fine! And the quality is good too.


I knew it. CGS wont let me down. Ive never hesitated on signing up from day one. :slight_smile:
Great job guys. thanks.

I think the icon below an animation thumbnail is ok.


This has surely gotten me interested again in the CGSociety. I’d like a H246 compression, but I’m sure as hell happy to say the least with the Flash player, although it should wait a few seconds before starting to play, it stutters if I don’t do that manually, but I’m liking this!

Thanks a lot!


Awesome news! Great job Leo and everyone at cgsociety! :thumbsup:

Leo, I’m having problems running the CG Uploader to try out the animation hosting.
I click on the file, and winzip opens it up, and when I extract it, there are no executables or anything… maybe I’m dumb, but a little clarification on how to use it would be appreciated.

I have the latest Java version installed too.


This is very cool. I’m glad I renewed my memebership :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this great improvement. CGSociety rules! :thumbsup:


…a format that everyone could compress into at a reasonably good quality without having to pay for the software.

There’s a free Flash encoder for OSX?


I too can’t get the uploader to work, and I have the latest version of Java.

My opinion, this is not very user friendly because;
-I have to download an ecoder that does FLV
-Convert my videos to something compatiable with the encoder
-Download Java
-Download the uploader
-Make a thumbnail for the moive

It’s a lot of extra steps compared to youtube, It would be great if you could get what ever system they have and make all those processes happen server side.

All you need is that and it will all be perfect :slight_smile: