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Hi all!

Our latest artist profile is on James Clyne, whose impressive list of concept design credits include Minority Report, A.I. Troy and Polar Express. Thanks to Lisa Thurston, our awesome Assistant Editor, for putting the article together.

>> CGNetworks Artist Profile: The Art of James Clyne <<


From sweeping vistas of the Washington City of the future, and futuristic jetpack designs, to visualizations of the ancient ’Trojan Horse’ the Greeks gifted to Troy, CGNetworks is proud to present the art of James Clyne. We asked Clyne about his role as a concept designer and the transition this domain is experiencing today from the traditional to the digital realm.

James Clyne began his career designing environments and developing characters for game companies such as Sega, Activision, and EA. He has also done conceptual design for movies like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Minority Report, A.I., Troy, and the upcoming Polar Express. Clyne is currently in Los Angeles and working on James Cameron’s next feature film project.

>> CGNetworks Artist Profile: The Art of James Clyne <<


wow first post. never had this opportunity.

Great stuff here the colors are immaculate, i really enjoy this artist work. The use of foliage is great here, and feels very environmental. Very original work here, and enjoy the last architecture, especially glass.:thumbsup: I also enjoy Piranesi’s work.


Very very groovy!

fantastic work, very unique

cheers to cgnetworks for another fine article :slight_smile:


Fantastic Work!


Jep, very nice article. You can see it’s from a different/or new “assistant” Editor. Also the work is very impressive. Kinda like it to add a link also on the dutch forums!


awesome. i love this very detailed environment concepts. always been a fan…


What game are those stills from? it almost looks like film styles. good utilisation of pollies.


That’s some kicking stuff!


Yeah, James does terrific work.
Incredibly varied in subject matter and styles, too - wonderful :slight_smile:



Fantastic work, except for one thing that just irks me… his lighting on the Washington D.C. 2040 shots is just plain wrong. The lack of blue fill light in the shadows, of any blue cast overall from skylight, and the lack of any real atmosphere, make it look indoors. It reminds me of the lighting I’d get on Lego cities I built in my room, as a kid. Were it not for that flaw, he’d be in Craig Mullins’ league.

Still, beats the crap out of anything I could do in PS, no argument there…


very impressive profile

excellent work :bounce:


The “new thailand” piece really catches me. May i ask what you’re inspiration behind it was?


I’m now forced to keep a close eye on this thread, and this artist in the hopes that at a later date and time I can gleam information from him and his artwork.


Everyone, I added links to larger versions of 6 more of Clyne’s images (on page 3 and page 4 of the article) so you can properly scrutinise them…

Actually, James had so many great images I went for a different layout than usual so as to fit them better! :slight_smile:


great!! love it!!


perfect works :thumbsup: :applause:


very great work impressive profile
Great reading


Hi Leo,

First off, thanks very much to you and the CG Talk crew for making these articles available. They’re very well done, and a pleasure and inspiration to read.

I was wondering, would these articles be available for download as .pdf’s? If not, would it be worth considering? It would be nice to have a personal collection of one’s favorite articles on their hard drive, and printable as well.

Thanks again…


Future is dream, delusive but so beautiful~~
I’d love to see ~~~~


i’d first like to thank leonard and lisa for putting together such a great looking article. i’d also like to thank all the cool feedback from all you guys pertaining to the article.

maddness- i guess the foremost inspiration for the new thailand piece is of course the geography of Thailand itself. Even though i have never been there, i find the landmasses and waterways just fascinating. also i simply wanted to do a piece that allowed the viewer to be transported somewhere strange and new, but a place somewhat familiar.

court jester- your absolutely right about the lack of fill light in the shadows. it’s funny, those are the exact problems (as well as many others) i have with those personally, and wish i had time to go back into those. but come on man, the lego comment was a bit harsh. maybe lincoln logs, but not legos.

dkmz- these are all film production paintings.

thanks again for all the feedback! i’ll try and answer as many questions as possible.