Cgma 3d environment art program


HI guys, just a quick question did anyone take the 3d environment art program on cgma? It consists of 12 courses and you need to take at least 11 of them to get a certificate, I send them 3 times a week ago to ask about the program but I never got a response neither a phone call! At least not an automated msg, so if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it.


Try them again I guess.
Both under ‘ask and adviser’ and under ‘contact page’.

They look like they have good industry instructors but I haven’t otherwise heard of them.


Taking a class through them right now. The class is scattered, disorganized, and, so far, not really worth the money. It’s the only class I’ve taken with them, so maybe I’m just unlucky, but I don’t think I’ll be taking anything else from them after this.


will try again and do that , thanks for your answer


Could you say which class is it !! and how is it disorganized ! , am really serious about taking the whole program with them just need to get as much feedback first .


I would check the well known alternatives while you wait for an answer.
Is there a reason you like them over the others?


Yeah thats what I was doing I think the best online classes are on cgma, cgspectrum " which doesn’t have obvious environment program " and game art Institute, the reason I like them more is the problem outline it just seems they teach exactly what am looking for also has good reviews.


This seems like a good resource…but this is not my thing.

You can’t to a course if nobody ever responds to you.
So I would google search the shit out of this topic if i were you.

But there is plenty of resources out there…
And remember. No course -anywhere- will get you a job.

Only you can do that.


I guess ur right I will have to do much more research on it and seek others resources, and yup I can do this myself but add to that the right help and it will take u shorter time


@harlyo -

I don’t want to publicly blow their spot up in case it’s a one-off bad experience. I will message you the details if you’re still interested. It is NOT the class you’re looking at though.


Hey Harlyo,

you can email Jia@cgmasteracademy directly and let me know if you dont here back within a few hours message me. CGMA has dedicated admissions to help but they just installed a new site and have had a few issues with notifications not coming through that have signatures in emails etc. Let me know and it will get taken care of today.

Crotalis We have one class that had some issues due to an instructors daughters illness and windows update issue the following week that caused the class to have to switch streaming software. unfortunately these both happened at the beginning of the course so it was not a great experience. This class should be running smoothly with make up’s for the issues. If this was your class let me know otherwise send me a pm and it will be taken care of immediately. CGMA spends a ton of time on instructor education and support. The student success it top priority so if you notify someone then these issues should be resolved asap for you.

Any issues what so ever you don’t get a 1 day response and can be addressed by reaching out to me so feel free to let me know. CGMA is updating site software and streaming to improve the experience but during these updates there may be a few hiccups. CGMA is a team of 15 with admissions counselors and dedicated staff to handle each class and instructor as a full time school for these classes so you can count on any complaints being addressed and resolved. No one is there to make a quick buck or take your money.