CGI Filmmaking: The Creation of Ghost Warrior


I just wanted to let everyone know that Tim Albee’s book on the making of Kaze: Ghost Warrior is OUT and I have just received my copy.

I haven’t had time to read much yet, but here’s a quick chapter list:

1: Production Stills
2: The cast of Kaze, Ghost Warrior
3: The set of Kaze, Ghost Warrior
4: On location with Kaze, Ghost Warrior
5: The script
6: The shot list
7: Filmmaking: The union of all arts
8: Ideation
9: Pre-pre production
10: Screenwriting
11: Pre-production
12: Storyboarding
13: Technology solutions
14: Pre-visualization
15: Animation
16: Production management
17: Soundtrack, the “Invisible Anchor”
18: Final Visuals
19: Editorial: The final polish
20: Media output
21: Let it shine!
22: Postpartum

Overall it looks like a really insightful book and I’m very excited to start reading it. Upon flipping through the pages I came across a side note story about how Tim’s cabin and all of his equipement were nearly destroyed during a flood of the Tanana river. Talk about hazardous working conditions! I thought 3D modeling and animation was a “safe” job.

I think the book is available everywhere now, but if not I know you can get it from the wordware site. I think the URL is:


I just stumbled onto his site last week, and wow, is that inspiring! Folks who can put together an entire film single-handedly (or near singlehandedly) are a special breed. Bravo and good luck.


Hurray for Tim Albee! He seems like a really great guy! When can tell he’s the Real Deal. Instead of wasting valuable time on forums all day (he rarely if ever posts), he’s locked away on the loneliest part of the planet doing what we all inspire to do. Kudos to him!
I have his Character Animation Book and will soon purchase his two others.
It is also nice to know that he does it all in the coolest program (for consumers, prosumers, and professionals: LIGHTWAVE 7.5!!!


Whoo hoo. Can’t wait to get this. Tim is really great. I bought his character rigging book for Lightwave and it has totally changed the way I work in Lightwave. Congrats on “Ghost Warrior” Tim. Can’t wait to get it.


I read The article in 3dworld mag he did this for under 5 grand
on cunsumer level setups.

WOW does the book come with the actual movie


This will be going on my to get list.


Originally posted by ICO88
[B]I read The article in 3dworld mag he did this for under 5 grand
on cunsumer level setups.

WOW does the book come with the actual movie [/B]

No. But it is only like $20 or so for the DVD. I think it will be out in April. I just got the book as well and have glanced through it.
It looks pretty good. Tim must either be a God or one very disiplined individual to be able to write so many books and make a movie. I would say he should write a book on time management but then again GhostWarrior sort of is.



I"m about 1/2 way through at this point and all I can say is - this is inspirational stuff. I think even if you are are working in 3D professionally every day of the week you’ll still get a lot out of this book. It’s reminded me WHY I started learning 3D after graduating from film school. It’s really a very inspiring book to read.


I ordered one of the 4 remaining copies from yesterday. I think this is the one other thing other than EpisodeIII that I’m really waiting for…

I haven’t seen the film yet, but I hope it gets a UK release. I for one shall be first in line!

I’ve come across many who say Tim is “living on cloud nine”, but they simply haven’t been around as long as him in the 3D arena. Tim appears to be a chap who says “lets hold up just for five-minutes and see if we can do this another way…” - he is obvoiusly a man to be reckoned with!

I for one shall follow in your example, Tim… :beer:

 ME TOO! Thanks.


Just wanted to pop in and say that the Kaze film is shipping, if you would like more information please visit for the film and for the book.



6 months is what it took him. WOW!! I see so much talent on the forums and such and wonder why there is not many more films like this?

Dirty shame!! is another example of a speedy, nice movie!!! A how to at that.


i have seen bits and pieces definetly ordering the dvd and i hope the ‘making of’ is in there


There is an interview with Tim Albee here:

I am reading his book and so far it is excellent. I am hoping the DVD gets to the UK soon, as I would love to see the film that I am reading about.


I hope everyone enjoys the film, please post a few reviews and thoughts on the film… :slight_smile:


I picked this up a few weeks ago… didn’t really know what it was, but it looked useful. Very good book, goes into great process detail (US folk - both Borders and Barnes & Noble stock). Check it out :thumbsup:


I have to say the film is really excellent - especially considering how it was made. But what really struck my wife and I was the music. Aside from the fact that Tim MADE many of the instruments used to play the music, it’s just plain good! I’m looking forward to the release of the soundtrack.

If anything you should pick this up to support someone trying to break the Hollywood notion that every film must have a $100 million budget and must earn $200 million to be successful. Eventually someone will realize that earning $200,000 on a $100,000 investment is still doubling your money and the floodgates will open for a lot of indie animators and filmmakers. Tim is a pioneer.



Obviously, just the fact that Timothy has produced this is a tremendous achievement, and gotten to the Sales part, DVD’s and Books. I was wondering, has Timothy mentioned whether or not the whole project has been financially rewarding as of yet, or has he so far covered costs, i.e. be interesting to see whether an independant animation like this one has made big money or just enough to live on ?


I know the film cost $5000 to make and he mentioned to me that they had at least 1000+ pre-orders to ship, so I’m sure they’re doing OK.



1000 orders at 17.95 dollars, is 17,950 dollars minus production costs doesn’t really leave much left profit wise?

I’m hoping the figures are actually a lot better than that, tv deals, etc

Hoping there’d be comment on that side, I know a lot of ppl with similar ideas, but too afraid to leave jobs / salaries in favour of ‘potentially’ making money, rather than knowing for sure they’d make more than enough to live on afterwards adequately, families and so on.