cgHuman v2 WIP


Here is what the face muscles look like so far, modelled with cgMuscles, used lots of reference:



Sweet! :slight_smile: Keep adding stuff…it’s great to see! :thumbsup:




looking good Damian

be interested in how your setting up the shoulder joints? cglinks and stuff? also is it going to be on a biped?

although i will mention that this poor guy is unfortunatly not anatomically correct in one place:D




Just a quick update
John - Yes I will be using cgLinks here and there, and it wont come linked to a biped it will be the same as the earlier version in that it comes with a script that automatically links all bones to a Biped if that is the desired animtion rig.

  • and er…lol, Trust you to point that out, its there its just very, very, tiny!!!


Very Cool! :cool:




face is looking good man. it would be nice to have the face wired up to some basic facail expressions. you could use the penn atribute holder by Paul neale for that. and have the proximal, distals or cglinks on a path constraint.

man i want to do a face rigg:sad:

are you going to use skinmorph at all for the skinning solution? i guess not because of having to be backwards compatable.




Here is an initial deformation test using 3 seperate cgMesh Deformers so you can isolate certain limbs for a faster workflow.


Are you using strictly A.C.T. or are you using CGSkin as well?

Either way I need to spend more time with A.C.T. And may I ask as of this last Pic. how much time do you have into this character?


Johnno -
You got it, I’m using Max 6 so its backward compatible as far as that and a face rig? Maybe a real basic one, the cgHuman is a bonus generic character that comes with ACT and as everyone has their own methods of working I’m trying to avoid adding a whole bunch of tricky custom rigging by keeping it as basic as I can so that it can be used straight out of the box or as a starting point for anyone who wants to take it to the next level.

we are also working on making it resizable

Eric -
Yes I’m only using ACT for this, I’d really love to use cgSkin but it doesn’t come with ACT.
All up on this new version I’d say I have spent about 48 hours
which has included:

[li]modeling all the muscles from cgMuscles (the mediview was awesome reference too for this) [/li][/ul]
[li]Rigging and linking all the muscles and getting them to deform as correct as possible. [/li][/ul]
[li]Skinning and adding the Muscles to the MeshDeformer [/li][/ul]
[li]Re-editing the old scripts that worked with the previous version to work with this one [/li][/ul]
[li]Re-tweeking the muscles again and again so they don’t pop out of the skin in as many positions as possible -thats the hard part [/li][/ul]


For this amount of detail I say that’s not bad at all. Considering that I would only use about 1/3 the amount of muscles as this character 16 to 17 hours doesn’t sound bad :slight_smile:


very good work.
do your muscles simulate also fat?
is this only for max 6 or it will work also on 7 and 8 version too?
what version of act do you refer?
there are problems if you want to adapt this rig to a all different character with no human like proportions?thanks.


hay damian,

thats pritty good for the amount of time you have spent. the mediview would be awsome referance for this. are you also doing alot of the underlying muscle as well? it would be nice to have muscle to muscle collison one day. but i think that would probly slow things down to make the pritty unsuable.




Crazy stuff you have going there. I have to try out CGskin as well one of these days. Looks like it is a great tool. I have never been big on the idea of shrink wrapping your skin to muscles as this mean you are effectly modeling your character with muscles and that is far harder to do to get the character that you want.

I can’t wait to see the final version.


I have been busy on other projects lately so unfortunately I havent had much time at all for the 'Old cgHuman since after the new year.

 here is a Muscle Test Prieview:

  more to come...


Paolo - ACT is a muscle and muscle deformation plugin only so it does not simulate fat
it will work for max 6 - 8
At the moment this character cannot be scaled or conformed into another character shape without putting in a lot of effort so much so that you may aswell build one from scratch, we are in the process of creating one that will be able to do this.
This guy is primarily used for alot of medical and sport animations amongst other things, his size and proportions are the same as our Ultimate Human model set (which contains a lot more detail and is totally anitomically accurate) the reason being that any specific close ups of correctly deforming muscles can be merged in from The Ultimate Human file into the cgHuman file.
The cgHuman would in that case be used for longer shots where the anitomical accuracy of it is not so visible -providing total anitomical accuracy is desired.
To set the entire Ultimate human up in the same manner and have all his muscles deform correctly would be an increadibly huge amount of work and would no doubt kill Max due to the amount of geometry in the file
( Bring on 64 Bit !!! - it might be a good benchmark test ).
Paul -
I agee with you on the method of shrink wrapping skin to the muscles, it definitly is a lot harder and creates a whole new set of problems to overcome. This is especially an issue within a production pipline where the look of a Model has been signed off - when this is the case, I would not normally do the deformation of muscles in this way, but because I am free to do what I want in order to show off the deformation of the muscles sliding underneath the Skin I chose to give it a go.
I am not using cgSkin for this as much as I’d like to, I’m using Skin Modifier as the cgHuman comes with ACT but cgSkin does not.


hay man.

great! love the sholder its looking dame fine there. resizable cghuman now your talking :applause:

so is there going to be an update the Cgfemale?

i agree paul shrink warping can be problematic for sure the one thing that it does get you to think about is how the anatomy works but yeah it can really can change your character design.

good to see you onto more




Here is a muscle Skin deformation walk cycle test animation, getting there well no muscles “popping” anyway. Please excuse the animation its just a stock .bip walk loop

     walk cycle link:
    [walkcycle divx avi](


Some people have called me mad for some of the setups that I have done, well this just take the cake. Your mad…but in a good way.

Looks great!


Indeed crazy stuff,…
loving the facial setup,… the medical modellers must be going banannas with delight at this moment!

groovy cool d_s

Cheerio Chris


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