Cgfx shader vertex data not saving into file


Hi all
I have a cgfx shader in my scene applied to a mesh which has some vertex data properties.
It is using a second UV set to blend two textures together. The problem is that the values set in the Vertex Data doesnt seem to get saved into the Maya file.

to repro this problem

  • I open the maya file
  • find the cgfx shader
  • change the second uv channel from uv:map1 to uv:map2
  • save the file
  • reopen the file, here the second uv channel is set to uv:map1 incorrectly :frowning:

Any thoughts on why this is happening and how to fix it?

I have searched the *.ma file and it has the line in it
setAttr ".vas" -type "stringArray" 5 "position" "color:colorSet1" "uv:map1" "uv:map2" "normal" ;
seemingly setting the correct values but on reopening the scene file its always wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciate