CGChallenge XXVII: TEN - yakonusuke


Hi all,

finally a new challenge! Have been waiting for so long.
I don’t know how far I get, since I have no proper idea yet, but I’m in!


yay, yakonusuke’s in! :cool:

loved your night of the living geek back in the b-movie challenge, so i don’t expect something less awesome :smiley: - time for rock’n roll!


Very nice looking art! wellcome in and good luck!



Hey Jakob,

was still thinking about joining the challenge , but seeing you already participating makes me enter this right away :cool:

Good luck with your entry, see you around.

Btw. loved your “Steam noir”-book, thanks for the kind inscription.


hey yakonusuke

nice concept.Good luck!


Bran- ha, thanks, man!

OZ: thank you! Good luck to you!

Art: yay awesome Torsten, can’t wait to see your magic unfold once again! Good luck to you, too!

My pleasure, glad you like it!

adib: thank you, but that’s not the concept yet… going through a couple of ideas, but haven’t found the one so far. And good luck to you!


So here’s my first concept!
Well, obviously it’s a getaway, no need to explain much here, I think. I’m not sure about the perspective and the composition yet, also the cars , the environment and the the overall mood are all yet to be thought through… what I am sure about is, that this scene is happening in the U.S. because of the nice police cars and the speed limit sign, which is easily understood by most people, what’s kind of essential for this challenge, though it’s only a little joke on the side.
Later I’ll try to implement more depth to the story of just getting away, but I have to find the right composition first.


DAMN! Cool! The colours, the composition ( :wink: yes…you know what you do!!!) and the mood in general are …i repeat…sooo cool! great post m8!



Very well drawn. Beautiful!


Second Kevin and Oz, this one is looking amazing already.


The composition on the left is totally awesome - but I’m not sure how well it would work on its own, as it’s not an obvious one. Gonna keep an eye on this one.


i agree, watching it is like i am among the action that happens here!

the second image of course is very good, too, but i suggest to tilt the camera to increase the immersion.
curious which one yakonusuke favors :slight_smile:


Hey thank you guys!
Well, I now developed the left perspective further and chose the landscape format, I think that’s the direction I’d like to go.
So here’s the next step, still a bit messy, but getting closer to my vision.


Hi Jakob,
might be more the image you envisioned in the first place, however it lacks the freshness end
speed of both your thumbnail sketches. I would suggest to definitely tilt the camera like bran wrote before and play around with perspectives , maybe use some 3D primitives in sketchup and so forth. Apart from that i think the idea is totally awesome.


Nice lights, simple sketch, but already tells story,
think about some awesome details like a cigare in
drivers mouth.

Why is this muscle car made for rightside roads?


I agree with Torsten - looks awesome but lacks the unique dynamism that the upside-down thumbnail sketch had!


Firstly- Happy Holidays to you all!
Secondly- Due to some rearrangements in my personal life and other stuff I got a bit late with my update, but here it is now! :slight_smile:

Hey Torsten, so right… the next day I immediately recognised it. So I went back to my initial idea. Thanks for the support! …but where’s your WiP?! 17 days to go, my friend.

ElviraArkanov: Thanks Elvira! The side of the steering wheel was a mistake I haven’t noticed.

TeamBAR: Yepp, true! Thank you, too!

Now, here’s the update.
Finally all story and concept strings are coming together now. But everything’s still very WiP. And some more ideas aren’t in yet.

The title is “MILL10NAIRS”

It’s a Bonnie & Clyde type of pair which just robbed a casino in Las Vegas and obviously on a getaway. Very crazy, reckless and ready to risk everything to achieve their dreams and be together forever.

Here’s one older step:

And the newest step:


And another little step:
The motelsign with subliminal messages


And some more details and refinements:


The last one is awesome. Did you think about adding some splash of contrasting color? It could make it ‘pop’ much more.