CGChallenge XXVII - TEN (Video) Entry: suruj2d3d


Hi all,

This is my Ten Months Journey short film’s animation preview and

I’m coming back with other animation shot also final look to you very soon.

Hope you like it.



Here is the animation preview link;


[left]Hi all,
[left]This is my Ten Months Journey short film’s texturing test
[left]I’m coming back all animations final look to you as soon as possible.

I want to bang head how Suruj can create the awesome look of the main character.I love the texture simplicity and also lighting. Wish you good luck and go ahead.
Would like to see more so waiting.


Thank you so much Tamal for liking my work.Ur comment is so much inspire able for me.
I will be trying my best to complete within this time…


Hey mate, I dig the colorful characters in your entry. Good luck for finishing. :slight_smile:


Crazy amount of work! I like it a lot, especially modeling and storyboard. And a tree, it is lovely!
Really Good Job.


redCigarette…thank you so much for liking my work.
Nakonieczny…thanks a lot for comment .

once again both of you thanks a lot for taking time my thread and comments.
I will be try my best to finish within this time …


So we are on the same boat ;). Good Luck!



wow…this is really a big amount of work!
I love the Colors and the lovely composition.

I’m nosy to see the characters in your environmets :smiley:
good luck!


Wow Anee is looking really pretty in that render! The textures are working really nicely, I really like the overall look you gave her. Very beautiful! Not much time left now, GO GO GO! All the very best man! I sure hope you can complete this in time, cannot wait to see it!



This is just a general message to everybody in the forums to remember to upload their deliverables to the Challenge engine ( Only 2 days to go!

Please ignore this message if you already have. :slight_smile:

Good luck, Mike


[left]Hi all,
[left]I’m very happy to complete my short film TEN MONTHS JOURNEY.
[left]Here is my TEN MONTHS JOURNEY short film’s shot pic.
[left]The story is :
[left]A girl, who becomes a Mother in ten months journey.
[left]In between this time, that girl will face to many
[left]hard moments.
[left]Hope you like it.
[left]Thanks all of my friends for inspire me by beautiful comments and feedback.
[left]Thanks CG SOCIETY
[left]Here is the short film link:
[left]Final Video
[left]Making of



you got a melancholy story going on there. And music works well. Hope to see more of your works in future. Specially Characters!


>Specially Characters!
Yupp! And Trees! Good Work!


Thank you so much for liking my character.

Thank you very much for liking my work.


hey Suruj.
I really liked your main character. well done and good luck!


Congratulations for your video entry!


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