CGChallenge XXVII - TEN (Video) Entry: suruj2d3d


hey nice work with the colour scheme, and loving your soldier model!!


Dude! Looking good yo! It’s coming along nicely, love the style you got going there. The storyboards look really nice and painterly. Would be nice to know a bit more about the story. Amd I’m a bit curious as to how you’ll be showing 10 months within the animation. But it’s turning out nice, the models are looking good, so keep going! GO GO GO! All the very best :thumbsup:


I am so much happy you like my work Staszek…thank you.
And also thank you so much Emptyshell for liking my work and army character.
Noxmoony thank you so much .


Nice concept and progress!Good luck:thumbsup:


Thank you so much Adib.


Hi all,
This is my props,house and rifle model blocking and now
I’m coming back with character’s details,rigging and environment.
Hope you like it.


assets are looking really good, nice modelling. Keep it up!!


Wow, love it. Curious what will be next. Keep on the good work!


Thank you so much Emptyshell and Sundaynights for liking my work…thankx again.


Hi all,
This is my modeling .Now
I’m coming back with character’s rigging soon.
Hope you like it.


Wow! Looking awesome! Great job with those models, looking very clean. She-i-rokom!! Keep it up man, you’re doing awesome! Go go go! :smiley:


Never been on this thread before! Cool stuff! beautiful concepts! i love that drawings.
An the 3d models looks ok too! great work!



I love your art board, that got my attention and then I saw some of your characters and other assets and thought, wow good stuff!

Good luck to you. Can’t wait to see more.:slight_smile:


Thank you so much…Noxmoony for great inspire able comment.
Oz thank you so much .Ur comment is great , inspire able for me.
CG-Rich thank you very much for liking my work.I will try my best .
Thanks again all for liking my work and ur reply really so much inspire me…


the characters look great, waiting for more progress to see the textures and animations. this is one of my favorite stories.


Hi man,
I,m excited to see your finished work. Please go hurry can’t waiting to see little little progress. Would like to see the exciting video.
Hope it will be a awesome work according to the great story.
Everything is going perfectly the concept art, the modeling.
So don’t be loser, i expect you can finish the job in perfect time.

Good luck.


[left]Hi all,
This is my character’s rigging and environment.
I’m coming back with other character rigging and animation to you soon.
Hope you like it.



This is my Anee character’s rigging.

This is my Bee character’s rigging.


Man! I can’t tell you how amazing it’s looking so far, the environment is looking really good. And I love that forest, looks so awesome. And the textures are looking really good too…the flowers are a really nice touch. Damn so much stuff in there…you’re fast XD Keep going man, you can do it! GO GO GO! All the very best! Can’t wait to see this finished, this is going to be one hell of an entry :smiley:


looking good, looking good :smiley:


Noxmoony thank you so much for ur great inspire able reply…yeah i am trying my best to finish this challange in the right time …hope.

And thank you so much Emptyshell for liking my work.
Really i am so much happy about ur feedback…thanks.