CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - valleo


I’m in. I will go for the 3d image…The concept will follow shortly!

Have fun and good luck!


Welcome and good luck!All the best to you valeoart!


Good to see you here Adrian… What a small world! :slight_smile:

And now the concept: two scientists from another dimension found an unusual spherical object that proves the existence of intelligent life in the parallel dimension. This is a sign that any thought materializes in one of the worlds … Therefore, take care of your own thoughts! :wink:


Nice concept!Waiting for progress:thumbsup:


Yes! cool concept! I love spacesuits! Cant wait to see more! Keep it up! :thumbsup:



Nice concept and i like the composition so much valeoart.
Waiting for next update…good luck.


definitely a cool idea, looking forward to more


Thank you all! I made a small progress… I am working at the lost idol, a big statue floating in the cosmic space.


Really nice progress!Keep going :thumbsup:


good luck …and good luck both of you guys!


The Statue looks amazing; I wish I could sculpt 3D like that! :eek:


Awesome statue, keep up the good work.


Thank you!
I finished (almost) the satellite with a new and more complex design. I feel that the antique mix of shape and line will be in a better visual contrast with the astronauts.


Really nice one!The satellite looks very good.
All the best:thumbsup:


Nice modeling!


Thank you guys! :slight_smile: …and a small update with two elements…


The space module and his tiny lights…it’ s still wip


Well… almost done! After a long fight with too many layers I finished the entire composition: this is the final image in small version. :slight_smile:


…and the final version: CGS Odyssey! You can find the big res here: CGS Challenge XXVII 10


Great job on finishing this. The high res version looks great especially the sphere.