CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - The Number of Blues (TeamVideo)


Hi everyone!

here the full frame :smiley:

how do you like it?

The BluesTeam

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sorry for the triple-post. the update of the forum was very slow and we thought the post was unsuccessful. please delete this and the duplicates. thank you


i am also part of the team :slight_smile:
we are giving the movie the final touch at the moment


Hi guys,

your stuff is looking awesome! :buttrock: Didn’t expect anything else!

Long live the postnight!
May the gods of haze, grain, black levels and motion blur be with you.
Praise their names by working hard and doing irrational overtime that makes you
sweat blood!

By the aching forearms of rotoscoping and the evil deamons of rotoscoping and
a bad pipeline. Don’t stray from your path. Don’t wander on the ways of distraction.
Be gone one eyed devils of youtube and youp***! I cast you out!

Give me strength o great supervisor!
The work i do, is done in your name and your name only.
Amen. Render, comp, cut and deliver!



here come our finals.

we start with the trailer :wink:

=> watch trailer


and here our making of!

=> watch making off


…and here is the final entry!

We want to thank you all for this awesome challenge, for all the comments and all the inspiring stuff by all of YOU!

The Blues team

=> Watch final entry


Stunning! Last minute delivery! :beer:
Great work guys. You made the gods of postnight proud, for sure!
I simply had to get up to see your result!!! Going back to bed now… :bowdown:


Great video , very nicely done indeed.


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