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That is correct


Yes you can, but you have to create another account to do so. (something we are working on to improve)


Yes you may. Credit everything. Keep in mind, judges will be way more impressed by custom made models.


I have almost completed my work for entry in the “TEN” challenge, and, because of the speed of my computer, will need to use an outside source to render it. I am using Blenders newest version and ended up with about 6000 frames. I am looking for, of course, a reliable, efficient and quality company that can get the job done quickly. Any help?!

  Try  "garagefarm" ( they say they could even do rendering free ), rebusfarm , fox renderfarm
  I used only rebusfarm, so try it on your own risk =).
  Or from this list [](   (not all of them support blender)
  Yeah I suggested this. But not sure I'd be in time if do everything by myself.


Would someone please explain to me “What deliverables are there for a video entry”.
It is a question in the FAQ section, but I don’t understand. Are these requirements before my final submission will be accepted, or ???
Can I simply download my video, or will it not be accepted in the competition if I don’t do these other things first?
Help Please!!



I had started on an image a while back, its about 15% done. Was wondering if i can still use this and develop it for the competition, I had uploaded some of the WIPs onto facebook? (referring to No.15 in the Terms & Conditions)


is there any chance this would be extended?


Hello, I recently uploaded Final Image (Ten Keys of the World), and I was wondering if i can share it to the facebook, because terms and conditions states that i will be disqualified if go to other medium before challenge closure. In the other hand, there are buttons for sharing to facebook and other platforms, right next to my final image. Thank you for you response.


this would be awesome!


I have been trying to upload a video (194 mb, h.264 mov) since last night. Every time the progress bar ends I get this error message :

about to create Submission
Uploaded File: Video Entry
Loading Video
A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: Can’t open movie file /var/www/html/upload/ten/uploads/2013-01-01:204415/

Filename: libraries/ffmpeg.php

Line Number: 12

Get Video Info

I am on Firefox.


why? this was a 90 (!) days challenge… would be unfair to the people who spend almost every day on it.


if most agree with the extension then its alright, holidays really add up to schedules for family man.


the finished project I am trying to download keeps showing a php error. Perhaps my formatting is wrong. I’m using Blender. Output is mpeg; encoding is mpeg-4, bitrate 6000, audio codec none, bitrate of 256. I know we’re all kind of busy, but this would seem to be a little more important to help out with the technical questions that some of us have than to be more concerned with adding time onto the contest.
I’m definately a newbie, so any help would be appreciated, especially with only a few days left! Thanks


I tried on firefox 5-6 times and each time got the same error. Later tried Chrome and it surprisingly worked. Perhaps you can try switching the browser.


I don t know if this is the solution but after i got the php error i exported my h264 with sound from premiere, even if i didnt have sound in the timeline and the upload worked.


To anyone having the upload issue: I have fixed a fault that would have been causing videos larger than 100MB to fail.
I’m just running a few tests (waiting for my test uploads to complete), but from the posts above it seem to be working now.

The maximum file size limit will still be 500MB.

Thank you for your help everyone.

test’s complete, uploads are working.


Yes, please share your challenge entries on facebook and anywhere you can in relation to ‘CGChallenge XXVII TEN’.

Term ‘15’ might need some rewording, basically it is saying that your entry must be ‘original’ (made for this challenge), not an image you have had published or blindly submit to every challenge.


CGChallenge XXVII
hello have you received my image (sixtine korrigan83) thank you for your answer


Hey guys, I know it’s a little late to ask but is it possible for a team to participate in the image category as a team and not individually? Because im working on something with one other person and we were wondering if it was possible, because the way the terms and condition were set made it seem like it was but when we came to hand things in we came across this issue.