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I’m planing to do a short movie.There is a scene where I want to show few news clips(they will be shown in a tv screen/screens)can i use few news footage for that?


Can you please email me your video to and I will try uploading it to see what happens. if you recorded the PHP error I would be interested to see that too.


I would like to join the contest with my brother. Could we submit as a duo?


Unfortunately, that would probably breach copyright, so you can only use it if you get permission from the news service.


hi everyone , its good to joining everyone to counting down the time. All the best!


Thanks for the info, it was my fault totally. Rendered the .blend file wrong, but it’s OK and running well now. Thanks again!!


I need to know if, can i use After effects, Photoshop or any other for the post production? or I have to sent only my final 3D Render from 3D Software? tell me if can i use those software too Please!


Hi Roy,

Yes you can.

Cheers, Mike


Hi Robson,

Yes you can, but technically that will be a team. So one of you must be the Team Leader, and join as a team.

Cheers, Mike


Just a question about image dimensions (I intend to enter in the image category). The minimum dimensions are 2650px x 1600px so if I entered an image that is 5000px x 8460px (random example) that would be okay right?

Just checking!


Hi Mike,

Yep, that’s cool.



Hello there…
I searched this tread but have not found the answer.
SO - is the usage of CG logo allowed in my work, eventually?


Hi. Wanted to ask about terms &conditions: 2)
“Entries may be inspired by and/or include a range of material from third parties. … However, failure to correctly credit all inspirations, third party works, team members, actors, etc will result in automatic disqualification.”

If i want to make for example 3d movie , can I use models from daz3d, poser or other 3d models stores, with changes or without?
If yes then should I credit every model creator? Still it’s kind of royalty free content.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Is usage of official CG logo allowed, eventually?


I’m sorry if it’s a frequently asked question, but is the deadline for the image cathegory also 11.01.2013.?


Are we free to submit both a video and an image entry, as in past challenges? If so, how do we join the image contest once we’ve already joined the video contest? (Having joined the video contest, I no longer see a green “Join Challenge” button – only a yellow “Upload Entry” button.)


I think i saw this question in FAQ, and, if i understood correctly, it is possible but you have to create seperate accounts.


I also have a question regarding TEN challenge:
Is usage of official CG logo in my work allowed?


Yes, you may.


Yes, 11 January 2013