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Wow 1 month in already and I didn’t even realize there was a new challenge. Don’t know if I will have time to play catch up now. I wish emails were sent out to all former participants to let us know of this new contest. Hope to have a chance to do this but with 1 month already gone it is a little late to get started but I just love these challenges! :thumbsup:


I checked the video entries and my images for my entry were not in there. They show under my entry page and the category is set to video. What should I do?


I had this problem too. It seems the WIP and concept images I posted didn’t show as the Video category, but the first WIP video I posted showed up. I think you will show up under video entries when you post your first video.

…but I may just be assuming:)



The ‘image’ and ‘video’ views on the ‘View All Entries Submitted’ page currently only relate to the uploaded content type and not the category you have entered.

so if you are entered into the video category and upload an image, it will show with the images, video with videos.

It would be good to have more sorting and view options on the ‘View All Entries Submitted’ page. if you have any suggestions please let us know and hopefully we can upgrade it soon.


Would by possible to change name of my thread?

Cg Challenge Xxii - Ten
[b]Cg Challenge Xxii - Ten (Animation) StefanGura

Sorry and thanks


THanks :slight_smile: unknow soldier.


I don’t see any buttons for me to select my file when I click on the Upload Entry Button. I would very much love to join the competition so any help regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


What do you see when you click upload entry?



Everything seems to be working for me now, but before all I could see is the bar that shows how much of the jpg is uploaded. The button for “select your file” is missing. It’s there now but wasn’t before. Thanks though Keenly.



Okay, that’s weird, cause now the “select your file” button is missing again. I went to upload three images and the button was there. When I tried to upload my fourth image, the button is missing again. I feel like it’s playing hide and seek with me. Any ideas why the “select your file” button would go missing in action every now and then?


I do not see the text (this “select your file” ) just empty button (white space) but this white space is working (it is clicable ). I am on firefox 17.0.1



I don’t even see the white button… I’m telling you someone needs to do a search and rescue for this white button… anyone willing to volunteer? :slight_smile:


Hi, can users from outside US participate? I´m from Peru.


problem here


I have a doubt, How many pieces can be sent?
I have 3 ideas and I’d like to send both. I hope you can respond me right away, Please.

PD… I’m sorry if I wrote bad, I’m learning english recently.


Hello, where can I put the wips of my video? like the making of and trailers and stuff


Hi David,

Yes, people from all over the world are welcome to join!


You can have as many as you want :slight_smile: Enter them all!


I installed chrome and finally got the upload button to work, but when i click on my file to upload it nothing happens! Any help?!


OK, I was patient, let the upload of my WIP take it’s 40 minutes to upload ( a very small file ) and then recieved a PHP error for it! I am using Blender 2.56, saved my .blend file, and then saved it as a video using AVI codec. Am I doing something wrong (obviously) and what should I do about it?!