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Thank you so much! :applause:



not sure if its possible but can I change the title of my thread as it appears in the cgchallenge forum?


Well, it’s me again. I have two questions:
Regarding my username (and by the way, thanks) how do I change it again?
Because it’s stupid with the hyphen between…
I’m not capable of finding the way of changing it again…
The same, I’m not capable of finding a way to enter another entry in the contest…
There are not multiple entries allowed?
I want to enter in the video section.

Thank you!


Just a few posts above yours:


Yeah… The post above my post was posted because of my post posted above it…
So where exactly on this page can I change my username?
What about multiple contest entries?


Oh I see, you haven’t created a CGPortfolio yet. you will need to fill in the personal details form first, then you will see the other options like change username.

If you want to enter two categories (i.e. Video & Image) you will need two CGTalk accounts.

Hope this helps.


Hi im join to the challenge in image, But im want to now is it posible to make this image with 2 artist in single image.

Thanks for the answer


sorry if I didnt anderstand , " Minimum Dimensions: landscape - 2560 x 1600 " can it be , 2560 *1800 for example? I mean this size ratio is exact?


That’s Fine, as long as you credit the other artists. And you will need to manage prizes between yourselves.

yes, 2560*1800 is larger than the minimum , so that’s fine.


Hiya ;p

Just to be clear - I’ve joined and uploaded an entry, do I still have to manually create a forum POST/thread and link my WIP images manually too?



Hi, I can t upload video.First time was ok but now I don t understand: said Upload sucessful but the video don t show up.

Help please! All the best:)


No you don’t have to manually create a forum post. The judges will only be judging on what you upload to the challenge webpage:,

Good Luck.


Thanks adib, there was a fault causing smaller sized videos not to be displayed. I have fixed this now.


Yeah I’m confused on the miles stones too…Can all milestone be delivered at the end… Or is that something that has a specific date? I know the holidays are gonna be tricky and just trying get a good schedule down.


We would like to see your progress leading up to the final entry, but there is no deadline for the milestones and no rule that says when you have to upload it, or in what order. (It’s best not to leave everything to the last minute).


What is the age limit for entering?


whats the age limit for the contest?


Good question, entrants must be 18 years or older. I have added this to the Terms & Conditions.


ok thanks…


Yeah, same here…