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you didn’t answer my question yet :

ok, I have one question for now
and it’s about commenting on the entries
I know this system was here for a while
but I still don’t know how to post a comment with my cgtalk account
I can find other ways (like facebook and yahoo)
but I prefer to use my CGS account

so … how can I do that ?


Hi there! I have a question regarding the contest. The 3d image category is only individual?


Great, thanks a lot Mike. I somehow missed the challenge page for each entry and seeing all of the uploads.


Drum Roll

Change your category
Edit, Move & Delete uploaded entries

Great news, we’ve added new features to the challenge.

Access your entries by clicking ‘View My Entries’ from the challenge navigation

Change categories by clicking the ‘Edit Details’ button.

Edit/Move/Delete an entry by opening the image thumbnail. and click the ‘Edit Entry’ button.

Note: Editing will only be available while the challenge is in progress, as soon as that countdown hits ‘0’ your entry page is locked in.


thanks alot for this.Can some tell me how to embed or insert gif files ?


Hi we’ve entered the Team Video category a few questions please:

[li]I’m the team leader and registered under my name, is that understood to be the registered entry of the whole team or should I start a new account with the team name?
[/li][li]Where do the team members go to be acknowledged as team members?
[/li][li]How do they vote for the team leader, or acknowledge the team leader?
[/li][li]Should we post in the forums as well as the Challenge Engine?

Thanks in advance for reviewing, and hopefully clarifying the above.



Hi CGsociety!

I’m a bit confused about the deliverables for the video category. What should be in the 30-60 second trailer? The FAQ says: "One submission for each milestone, including a 30-60 trailer… ". It suggests that each milestone needs one 30-60 second trailer. Could you explain in other words what is required for the video category deliverables?

Thanks in advance!


@maxspider3000 you can’t use your CGS account for the comments as we are using disqus for comments. you can post as a ‘guest’ and use your CGS username that way, otherwise you will need to create a disqus account (which you can do using facebook, yahoo, google, openid or twitter as you mentioned)

hope this helps.


@AbsorbentGhost you are unable to embed .gif files or upload them to the challenge, sorry, i suggest if you want to show an animation you upload it as video (even if it’s tiny).


@DKCrame It’s up to you and your team if you want to register a new account, or just use an existing one. when you upload an entry you can credit the team in the description. And challenge winners will be contacted at the end of the challenge to get more details on the team members.

[li]Should we post in the forums as well as the Challenge Engine?
[/li]> [/ol]
no, the forum is open for posting if you like, but it is NOT an official part of the challenge.


Thread: 1077357

  1. What do you mean by milestone?
    When you upload an entry there is an option ‘which requirement does this meet’, these are the milestones.
  1. I was thinking doing a short 3D video (20-25 secondes)… I don’t see how I can provide you with a trailer of 30-60 seconds if my final video is shorter. Any advice?
    I have changed the FAQ to be less specific, it now says: “a ~30-60 second trailer”. Your work will speak for itself, nobody’s watching the clock. just make sure there is a less than 60 second video there that can be used to promote your final video. :thumbsup:



I created a thread in cg challenge forum but I dont understand how to upload image there. The insert image icon is only asking me “enter the text to be formatted”


@SarwarZKhan You need to upload the image somewhere first. i suggest uploading to the challenge, and link to the images from there to the forum.


Hey all, i am getting very confused atm (probably for no reason) but i am just curious. Do we have to submit 2 WIP before we submit the final rendered version?


Hey im new to CgSociety Challenges, the “submit entry” button is for WIPS? or is that for finals?


Yes, upload at-least 2 WIP images to compliment your final image.

The ‘submit entry’ button is for everything (WIPS & final entry). when you upload something it will become more obvious, you will be asked to select which milestone you have reached (image bellow for video entries)


Hello, I entered the contest by submitting an image, but when I wanted to open my own entry I encountered this error:
An Error Was Encountered

The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.

The URL is this:

So, it’s working or what?



Hi Dan, thanks for letting me know, I have fixed this fault.
fyi: the error was being caused by the space in your username, I’ve fixed this now for the challenge but you might find other faults occur (anywhere your username is used in the URL), for example you will need to change your username to create a CGPortfolio.


Is it possible to change your username? Or would he have to sign up for a new account? I would love to change the name on my old account (I had to make this new one because I didn’t think I could change it)


You can change your username from this URL: