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Can an entry be in a form of a movie trailer, or it has to be a short animation?



there is a problem on my account on my uploads is a different name see attachment.

can we fix this? Thanks!


Ok, thank you.


Eep! thanks adib, all fixed


Hiya Scott,

It’s actually 500mb per upload, not all videos combined. We would prefer a more meaty trailer of around 30 seconds. Hey, I guess the movie can be shorter than the trailer if you can get that work :slight_smile:

Check out the Dreamscape Video Master for good examples…

Cheers, Mike


Yes. Don’t forget that the video deliverables are… a 30-60 second trailer, ‘making of’ and the final HD video. So, if the final video is a trailer, it will need to add substantially to the trailer of the trailer… if you get my meaning :slight_smile:


Hi Sean,

Sounds ok - there are no limitations to software used, although you should add to it significantly, as stock models/materials etc can stand out and won’t look like as much effort.

That’s fine to show concepts and WIPs on your personal site. Please credit and link back to the Challenge. :slight_smile:

However, your final image must not be shown anywhere but on CGSociety prior to the judging stage. Don’t forget that at least 2 WIPs need to be uploaded to the Challenge Engine.


Just want to confirm. Does that mean we can post the final image on our portfolio/blog site only after the deadline?



That’s actually where my question came from;) thanks!


[li]Q: What deliverables are there for a video entry?[/li]>

At least one submission for each milestone including a 30-60 second trailer, ‘making of’ and the final HD video.

[/ul]Out of curiosity, the trailer, “making of” and final are considered to be the milestones here?

Also, what type of format are we required to submit the “making of” in?


Just a quick question for the video/team video category: Maybe I haven’t searched enough, but in the previous contests, video participants usually had extra time to finish after the image entries were due. Is there a separate deadline for videos?


That’s correct.


That’s correct.
The format for the ‘making of’’ is the same as the Final Video technical requirements from the FAQ.


Hi, unfortunately no. The deadline is the same for both.


Looking forward to this!

What is considered for judging? Are the milestones (trailer, making of, etc) lumped in with your final video and judged all together or are they just a requisite for your final piece to be considered?


for the video WIP we can put the a link that is outside the cgsociety? Of corse i upload my WIPs also in the challenge uploads,but this is just for the tread on the forum.



That should be OK. Please credit and link to the Challenge, and make sure you have the deliverables uploaded to the Challenge engine.


While the final image and video are the most important, the other components will also be taken into account, as will community input - especially when the votes are too close to call. :slight_smile:


In that case, does it have to be narrated or just a montage of work in progress? I normally don’t record myself working and therefore unsure what is required here or how much time I should plan to dedicate to it.


Narrated and montage are both fine. check out what previous winners have done as a guideline…