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Would you say it’s worth waiting for now on creating that second account if a fix is in the works? Should we post our updates in a thread for now only and then once it’s fixed upload them ‘officially’?


this issue should be taken up .


By the end of the challenge you only need to have uploaded the required deliverables to the Challenge Engine. So, the bulk of concepts/WIPs and discussion/critiques can happen in the forums. But I’d say create the second account, just in case something unforeseen happens, and we have to keep this work around.

Remember to leave plenty of time to upload to the Challenge Engine!


Hi Daniel,

I hate being the bearer of annoying news… but that will require a third account. Sorry :frowning:


Hi CG-Talk,

I just wanted to say that I will join - for a 3D still image. I don’t have much experience with texturing and lighting but will do my best. I am curious if I can make it within the deadline! Even so I don’t think I would win anything I will get much experience out of this!

Let’s work and learn from each other!


Good luck Monica! Challenges like this are all about taking your skill level to the next level. :slight_smile:


I know you can enter the video and the Image entry but I was wondering if you can enter 2 image entries. I thought I read this somewhere in the FAQ or some post but can’t find it now. I was thinking of doing one of my concepts in 2d and the other in 3d , basically I can’t decide which one to do .
Thanks for any info on this.


Yeah Mike, you can. Just upload it into the same account :slight_smile:


Can my trailer be 45 seconds?


Hi all,
for your information, images uploading problems could be related with internet axplorer 9;
if you are experiencing this issue, try to upload your images using Chrome as browser.
With chrome, everithing is working fine here.
Good luck!


Exactly! Thanks Marco. We recommend that you avoid IE :slight_smile:


Technically yeah, it’s fine. Just keep it under 500mb, and make every second sing, because the judges will be looking through a lot of them :slight_smile:


Hi, i have a few questions for the team video category.

  1. How long the final Video should be ? any Min or Max duration ?
  2. Can we do a live action shortfilm with minimal effects and simulations in it or have to be CG related entirely?

thanks in advance


Hello, i’ve joined the challenge monday and my thread hasn’t been created, it’s normal or it’s because i’m a new member ?


Sounds good, going to give this a try, don’t believe I’ll get a mention, but should be fun nonetheless. In the interests of using it as a learning experience, I might try out a technique I’ve wanted to use for a personal project, using an all opensource software stack. I’d need to use characters generated by MakeHuman, is it acceptable to use generated characters instead of ones made entirely by myself?

Also is it ok to also upload pictures to my own website during the challenge so friends/family who don’t come here can follow along?


Hello everyone and good luck to all participants!

my question is: what is the minimum and maximum duration for individual video section.

Thank you!


finally! a new challenge
I really miss those days :smiley:

ok, I have one question for now
and it’s about commenting on the entries
I know this system was here for a while
but I still don’t know how to post a comment with my cgtalk account
I can find other ways (like facebook and yahoo)
but I prefer to use my CGS account

so … how can I do that ? :slight_smile:


Hi Brice,

Yep, it’s because you’re a new member. The first thread has to be moderated to guard against spammers. You’ll be up and running shortly!



  1. The limitation is 500mb. So, squeeze as many minutes into that as you can:)
  2. Keep in mind this is a “CG” Challenge, live action is fine, but if the film is not significantly “CG” you’re not likely to win any prizes.


With the 500MB max limit for video, and also a 30-60sec trailer, I would assume the movie would need to be much longer than the trailer. Could you make a 1:00min movie and 15sec trailer?