CGChallenge XXVII: TEN Support Forum


can i ask when results will announce ?!


Hi Morris,

I’m hoping to get the results by early next week, but there are never any guarantees as the judging process may take longer.



thank you for replying〜
but what i wanna know is whether it is okay to publish my final image in the 2D gallery?
I tried but denied by forum, so i wanna ask〜


Hi, yes you can submit to the Gallery. Publishing it there is up to the Forum Leaders.

Good luck


Hi all,

I still haven’t got the results from a few judges. Putting pressure on them to send their votes in.

Results are too close to call at the moment.

Will keep you all in the loop.

Cheers, Mike


I’ve looked through the profiles of all the judges and I know they must be very busy individuals; but please finish it up. That said, I want to thank everyone at CGSociety that put this contest together, donated prizes, time, energy, etc. It’s been fun. The little kid in me keeps asking, “Are we there yet?”


LOL, I totally concur. I’m happy to say that we are almost at an end, with some luck I’ll be able to finalise everything within the next day or 2.

Thanks for your patience!!!


Yes If I have patience 3 months to do my work,a few weeks dosn t metter.:slight_smile:
All the best guys!


Hey there!

After such a huge CGChallenge XXVII, the TEN Winners are finally being shown. Click through to the article and tell your colleagues about this as well. The creators of these animations and images are true champions.

Congratulations to you all


Yes , Congratulations to all the winners.


Congratulation to all and all the winner, I was really enjoyed in this competition and we made it!! Cheers and thanks! ^^


Congrats to all Winner, it was really fun to participate in this competition.


Congruatulations to all!
All the best!


Congratulation , but …movie “District 10” should be disqualified .

This is not fair . It is a deception .


Hi, thanks for the info. We are looking into this now.


The mentioned video has been disqualified.

We spend ages vetting all the entries, but unfortunately this one slipped through our fingers. We rely on the community for their diligence and sense of fairness.