CGChallenge XXVII: TEN Support Forum


As soon as the challenge is over you can submit to other sites for self promo.


Should be cool. We just don’t want folk dredging up some old work from a year ago and renaming it for the challenge. Just the fresh stuff for this challenge :slight_smile:


I have been working on this for a few months… the clock says that time had ran out , even though there was time left on the clock if you have been following it from the beginning ( meaning it should have ran out at 1:00 am.) I hope the clock ending is for people who wished to jump in to day or at the last moment. I have uploaded I hope I made it in. PLEASE some one get back to me and let me know. thanks


I’m in the same situation. I uploaded a tweaked final image since there was still some time left… I hope it will count !


yeah, same here, the clock said we still got 1 hour than it said closed… :sad: don’t know if we get in or not.


Dear judges and higher ups,
I uploaded my work at 12 however i saw the entries closed sign and i was afraid i was too late even though my entry uploaded through just fine. can i get some confirmation because that would be nice because according to the countdown we were supposed to end at 12 from what i could tell.
I would really appreciate a reply.
Thank You.


Wait so this was supposed to end at 1?
Im confused :confused:


exactly i am
after that i can’t Upload ( i see upload buton but I think for final houers Trafic)
Please Help me :sad:


I submitted to the Challenge but there is one tiny detail which I forgot to do to the image before submitting it - I forgot to white balance so there would be no change to the content of the image just the tones.

Is there any chance that I could upload the white balanced version ?


Hello there,

just one question. On my profile I see all three WIPs correctly, but if I open (for example) the final one , then under ‘Last 5 uploads by ajinak’ I see 3 of the previously deleted pictures (two of them were final ones, but I realized some problem - they were still there after deleting, so I changed them to WIPs, just in case) and only one of the WIPs from my profile.

I’m just a little bit worried that it now seems like there aren’t two WIPs that were requested.
Hopefully it’s understandable. Thanks in advance!

And good luck to all of you! :slight_smile:


WIP stage housing is completed.
Can I put my WIP in my portfolio?
Can I do this not only on this forum?


Yes you may :slight_smile:


Looks fine to me Alena.



Looks like it uploaded.



Unfortunately no :frowning:



Looks like it uploaded fine.



Yep you did.



Why does not anyone answer me?

I could not upload file, But I did in Time,
I send message ...  
(3 days and nights stayed awake to do this)

[This is: Cg Society Hand](
"Cg-Society Keep Up (Top) For 10 years"
"Cg-Society is Number 1"

I know Have problem But I wont Just Did this for thanks to Cg-Society!


Dear friends here:)
I wanna ask is it still not the right time to submit the challenge final work to 2D Illustration and Concept Art gallery? Because after I tried, the work is rejected by the forum~



Hi,the challenge is close, see the link

All the best