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Welcome to the CGChallenge XXVII: TEN Support Thread.

Please read the FAQ, Terms & Conditions and other posts in this thread before asking a question.

Have fun and good luck.


OMG first!

So gonna join this. Thanks CGS!



gonna join this too!


yey, for sure.


Good luck to everyone!


this is awesome,forget the fx wars i’m in on this one.


I thought it would never happen again !
I’m Sooooo in ! :slight_smile:


Was just wishing yesterday that there would be a new challenge! :bounce:


Yessss! Another challenge!! I’m in :slight_smile:


Really love the higher level concept this time, it really opens up the creative possibilities.

Count me in!


regarding this:

[li]Q: Can I upload my WIP images to my own server? Is that counted?[/li]>

No. Please use the Challenge site facility to upload your Work-In-Progress. It allows us to track the entries properly, and guarantee continued hosting of all images.

are we allowed to post the steps between the uploaded wips in a separate thread in the challenge forum?


If you want, please get your concepts and WIPs up for critiques/discussion by starting a thread here:

Just remember to upload the required deliverables to the Challenge engine:)


nice! :slight_smile:

i won’t forget (at least i hope so)!


Hi there,

I was really looking forward to this years autumn CG Challenge :smiley:
I just have a few questions:

  1. I want to join this challenge as an individual. If midway through the challenge I realize that I won’t be able to finish working on my own, am I allowed to switch to a team entry?
  2. Am I allowed to work with freelancers that will join the challenge only for a few days? (maybe model just a few props or animate some background characters). They will of course be credited, but do they count as “team members” if their contribution is not substantial?
  3. Is there a limit to how many people can join as a team?
  4. Can “established animation studios” enter this challenge as a team? or is it more about “discovering new talent”?


I am thinking about making a short film, but was wondering about the rules if someone else makes the sound design. I have some friends that are sound designers and if I could get them to help me out as I am a 3D Artist and don`t have that much experience with sound design.

What does the rules say`s about this kind of help?


HI! I have some problems with the upload form. I click on the submit button than the form pop out, but after clicking the select your file button, i select the file but nothing happens.
How can i solve the problem!? :wip: Heeeeelp!




Hi Fabio, same problem here! Help!



So many changes in the interafce since i submit works for challange.
I was watching past challange and its so hard to review works - esspetially WIP section , i liked so much classic forum look - its was very easy to find something/someone. It was very usefull also for things like copy stuff - for example you could read post about idea, discuss about ect .It was obvious that idea is someones , that way its hard to figure someones ideas till end of the contest and its chance that the ideas can dubble or more .

I will try enter anyway :slight_smile: i cant help myself !!! ideas comes to fast!

Good luck to all !


don’t try - just do it! :wink:
good luck to you, too!


Hi there,

I’m experimenting a little issue with the image uploader. I already have submitted a first image and I would like to submit a second one. The problem is that when I select the new image from my disk, after it has been uploaded, it shows me the first one. Any idea of what is happening?

Thanks a lot,