CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - Scott Williams


Hello All,

I guess I should start a thread here as well.

I am excited about this contest. Finally an open contest, and to top it off since I have no time I decide to do a movie! :slight_smile: Nothing like pressure to stimulate the creative juices. I think I will give you all a look into the window of how I try to handle the time crunch. I will be posting more images soon, and show the schedule I have set myself. Now, lets see if I can get this thing done!

Good luck to all participants! I think just finishing is accomplishment enough!


Yeess! creative pressure…is honey!!!:scream:
So…i’ll check back this thread! seeya and good luck! let the stress begin!:love:



First lesson, though I learned it some time ago, is write down/sketch/draw any idea that gets into your head! I have lost a few already, despite it being a lesson learned some time back. That being said, you have to be flexible and just go with it.

So far, I have sketched out to some degree all the characters I intend in my film. I have set short term goals and milestones.(the timer really helps there) The story has been written out in full and I am presently working on storyboards and dividing it into scenes. I am really focusing on keeping it simple.

With every scene I am always addressing the questions:
-Is it crucial to the story line or is it just filler/superfluous?(a bit of comedy relief is fine I believe)
-Is it easily animated and rendered? Does it require learning something new(a special effect, etc)
-Does it keep the flow going? Last thing I want is a too simple movie that is dead and boring!
-Am I over complicating or making the scenes confusing. If it is very confusing for me to put together while editing, etc, It will probably be confusing to watch.

With all that to consider in each scene, I have started to do likewise with the characters I have created. I can start to pare them down or add more detail to some, as to how they will play out in the movie. Last thing I want is to create a character that I have to remake because I added to much detail or the rigging demands prove too much for the detailing I have done!

Of course, to many people out there these guide lines are like second nature. But when time is short- one needs to focus on only what matters. If there is time tp spare, then I can always go back to it!


How life throws things at you… and my 12 week old so is enough to steal most of my time. So back to animation land I go, away from that dream of a well rested life!

Of course if you don’t try, you will never get anywhere. That being said, I am to post some of my early storyboards. They are helping me define the flow of the story. I figured, starting on character development and getting the modelling started is like putting the cart before the horse. (as much as it is a HUGE temptation!) I know I can waste a lot of time remaking or fixing models to accommodate the correct rigging or add details that are essential to the story narrative. As I am storyboarding, I am defining my characters; who requires facial rigging, who doesn’t. What emotions are going to be shown and how to effectively rig them. I have broken down the scenes to basically 2 settings, which can be modeled as 2 ‘sets’. I need to be efficient and I am finding some good solutions.

Keep posted and I’ll post how the progression is coming!


I am still on the paper stage, but so far I have all my characters and models well planned out. The story board is done and I am sketching out the details, the camera angles, etc. Coloring is next for the characters, then off to modeling. I have the scenery all planned out, so the modelling, etc will take a lot less time.
It has been tempting to just dive in and get into 3D modelling, then play. I know that is the kiss of death when time is tight. I have spent many an hour rendering, then re-rendering to see the minutest adjustments… So far a bit of patience is working well. The idea is well formed and I am confident. Time is still tight, so that is the only hurdle now!


I am a bit behind on some of my milestones I set, but no worries there. From the first concepts I set up a loose timeline. So far so good, I just hope I have given myself enough time for everything!

In the first 10 days of the contest I set out to have all concepts out. I had a good start on storyboarding and the storyline was solid.

In the second 10 days I got to work on characters, getting them sorted and visualized. That is all done.

In the third 10 days I have been trying to get backgrounds and sets done. I am still working them out. I also wanted to have a good sense of colours/mood/lighting, etc. I am still working on that however… though I have started to plan out the scenes based on the storyboard- camera angles- shots, etc… I guess any forward motion is good.

Next 10 days I hope to have the main characters modeled. Also a start on the settings and background would be good as well!

Of course I am itching to get into modelling, etc. I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I want it to look good in concept and on paper before doing endless test renders of colour schemes!


Well, things are moving along. I have the backgrounds/sets modelled. I have kept the visuals simple, to help from bogging down in details. Textures are yet to be done on the sets/backgrounds.

I have started modelling characters now as well. Same thing here: simple, simple, simple! Rigging will follow, and I am sure if the models aren’t simple enough I could be completely lost in the rigging!


I managed to upload a quick test of my Zombie gait pattern. So far so good. The pre-planning has been working well to keep my computer time efficient. The scope of the project is making itself apparent. My only issues will be the deadline and maybe a bit of the texturing. I’ll keep plugging away and see how this comes out.


I originally wrote up the story to have two endings. One was longer, the other shortened incase I am running low on time. Looks like I may have to default to the shorter, but there is time yet.

I have been modelling and animating. The Zombie gait patterns have been fun. Now to get them together into the scene. I definately underestimated how long the movie will be now that I have done some test animations of the scene. It is a learning experience all the way for me.


I don’t see the image you posted few posts back, is there a chance you check if it works?


Sorry Azazel, I got lazy following up since I had issues posting images. It is the second image I posted as a concept. I couldn’t seem to get the image uploaded for this forum, so I just posted it all on the official page.


So far so good! I feel like I am falling behind, but no worries. I have started with modelling and animating the minor characters first, then working up to the most complex. My animating skinning skills are novice at best, but what better way to learn. By starting with the lesser characters, I am finding that the next model I start, I know how to approach it better. I’ll keep plugging away and we’ll see how far I get along. :wink:


It looks like my busy life is getting the best of me. I feel I am falling far behind. I like my idea and I have it nicely planned out, just the work is taking more of the diminishing time I have than I had hoped. I will keep plugging away and posting to the bitter end.

I have to say following many of the entries out there has been inspiring. It looks like some nice pieces will come out of this. If I don’t finish in time I will keep plugging away until it is done, but in the meantime I’ll keep posting what is getting finished to take advantage of the feedback!



This is just a general message to everybody in the forums to remember to upload their deliverables to the Challenge engine ( Only 2 days to go!

Please ignore this message if you already have. :slight_smile:

Good luck, Mike


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