CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - Pavel Sokov- 10th cup of ale!


Were we supposed to post a thread? Oops, I was only uploading my WIPs to the entry uploader.

Here is a Troll on his 10th cup of ale. Very worried about not being able to finish.


Oh man, I won’t make it. I have a full time job and i painted until 2 am last night after work, only to get the gem-stone necklace and a bit of the shirt done in 4 hours. Why am I so insanely slow?

Large size:



This is just a general message to everybody in the forums to remember to upload their deliverables to the Challenge engine ( Only 2 days to go!

Please ignore this message if you already have. :slight_smile:

Good luck, Mike


Thanks! Doesn’t look like I will make it though :frowning: I am working on it all hours before and after work to no avail.



The last work I had time for last night. I am at work now, so I will not be able to finish. Should I submit the unfinished piece or no need to burden the judges with my problems?

Link to full size:


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