CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - patrick schemat


hi there, best luck to all :slight_smile:

first idea:
a selfemployed math teacher in a far world showing the young ones how to count in different cultures. he points at the ten that is a special number.


nice start there,can’t wait to see what animation film you come up with.


Great idea! An hi profile idea i think. It may be a great image. The concept you post is…intense.
Ps: forgive my english! I was away form the forum for while, and my E-skills are a bit rusty!
Anyway…cool start.



hi absorbentghost,
unfortunately it will be no animation but a 2d image :slight_smile:

thank you - and regarding your english, it’s ok for me :wink:

it is only an idea, and currently i’m gathering information about “10” and thinking about a good perpective to transport the idea of the number that looks almost identical to our ‘real’ 10 clearly to the viewer.
also, there is a small addition written on the wall (II+II8=I0).
there will be some childs sitting around the teacher, one might count his fingers, another ones throws some coins (or other form of currency) in the teachers basket and others are staring on the wall with the written numbers. i like the idea of childs enjoying maths/numbers, perhaps because the teacher uses some fancy magic tricks while teaching. :smiley:

and here the explanation of the numbers:
I (1) =1
II (1+1) =2
o (3) =3
Io (1+3) =4
IIo (1+1+3) =5
8 (3+3) =6
I8 (1+3+3) =7
II8 (1+1+3+3) =8
0 (9 or ‘huge 3’ or 3²) =9
I0 (1+9) =10



i tried to incorporate the 10 as a part of the image (marked in red), but i’m not sure that this could turn out good.
meanwhile working on other ideas.


Hey Bran, if you ask me, I would say that this feels a bit forced. Don’t try to hard with the 10. Make something fun for the viewer. Make him enjoy your approach. For me, math never was very entertaining in terms of " I want a movie (or a comic, etc) based on math!"
… but that’s maybe just weird me. :shrug:



Hi Bran,

I like this idea and found your number sytem interesting . I sort of agree with yakonusuke about "forcing’ the 10 in the image but it is hard to say right now with the red lines, without the red lines it may be subtler I don’t know… I am looking forward to your next update.


This is looking like a great start. Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:


Hi! Cool new concept. I partially agree with yakonusuke. I think is not necessary to incorporate the number ten at any cost, anyway i dont find the way you did it as forceg. I like it al last.
Maybe i like more the first concept. In some ways look more…mumble…how i can say…sacred. Just a question. Did you imagine your characters as humans or something different?



thanks for the feedback, guys!
i try to push the 10 more in the background and leave it not that much plain.

Did you imagine your characters as humans or something different?

they are kinda humans, yep. :slight_smile:

ah, and tomorrow i’ll post idea no. 2 - its kind of funny stuff :wink:


idea no. 2:
“10 ep until level up!”

for sure almost every roleplayer had this situation:
coming back from a great adventure or battle, the game master gives experience points for the fulfilling - and one player shouts: “nooooooo! only 10 (or less) experience points until my character gets level x! are there any animals that provide some points around here?”
game master: “well, uh, there are some rabbits and rats and stuff like that, nothing serious around the city.”
player: “damnit. my character gets his weapon and charges at all that moves here! need that level up!”
game master: sigh

hope you like it. :slight_smile:
im thinking of inserting some hints to ten in the image, by example ten rats or a “1d10 + 10 against noobs” on the hammer. :smiley:
first image i’ll paint in this kind of exaggerated style, truly a challenge!


started coloration of idea no 2 “10 ep until level up!” while trying to find idea no 3.


eheheheheheh! very very very nice!


last one is just great !! :bounce:

love it!!

cheers and good luck


It’s awesome and cool story and also brilliant work…Bran.Love it so much… :buttrock:


Yeah I remember that situation :smiley: very anoying situation! I really like the idea and the concept of number 2. Like the FOV though I am not sure if it is not to extreme with the mountains rising up behind him :wink: . Love the style on the rat !



Like more the 2ed cartoon concept. so funny :wip:


That second idea is hilarious. I can relate to that easily. There’s a bunch games I’ve played where I had to do just that in order to level. The composition is really great too.


Hilarious, I too vote for the 2nd idea.


ummh…still not sure about what idea to vote for. I like both of them. :hmm: