CGChallenge XXVII: TEN - nielot


Hello everyone !!

Here is my entry.

Simply idea, The orc study to very hard exam that he will have for a 10 days

simply so i hope to finish :smiley:

i want to make it very sweet and candy style, something like fairy tail

best regards and good luck to everyone !!


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I like the idea of it being sweet, that’d make a nice contrast with it being an orc… I’m not sure he’ll pass though, he doesn’t strike me as much of an intellectual :wink: :wip:

Nice to see you in :slight_smile:


interesting idea.
that orc needs tiny glasses! :slight_smile:


Turbo start man!!! I agree with Bran! Tiny glasses is a cool addition.



Good Luck mate!


thanks for all comments :bounce:

Intervain–>thank you, yes, im gonna try to make orc a little bit intellectual (like Bran said tiny glasses for example) :slight_smile:

Bran–> thanks, tiny glasses for sure !! :thumbsup:

OZ–> thanks :slight_smile:

Staszek–>thanks buddy! whats up man, where’s you entry ? :smiley:

OK small update on conceptual work, still playing with camera,proportions etc. nothing special :slight_smile:


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small progress, i was starting to work on the orc, only speed/sketch, still a lot to do on a head but some shapes i’ve got :wip: (also i was starting working on a body but for now it looks crappy haha :cry: )

ps of course facial expression are not final :slight_smile:


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This is really awesome progress!! Looking forward to your final entry!


This is going to be a kick ass image! Nice idea nielot :slight_smile: Good luck on this challange :thumbsup:


in my opinion the facial expression looks good in combination with the pose in front of the books - looks as if hes trying hard to concentrate. :slight_smile:

what is he studying? the art of battles? the history of the ten-nights-war? the anatomy of his enemies? or just edible plants? :smiley:

love your idea, btw.


hi nielot :slight_smile:

At this rate, you’re done for the week.

good luck bro


Hi guys!!
thanks so much for comments :slight_smile:

Bran–> im still thinking about what he studing and i have few ideas but at the moment i do not tell :smiley:

Small update do not have time to work on it, today i had few minutes to work on body :slight_smile:
of course barely touched :slight_smile:
ps. and yes i made a pipe :smiley:


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very nice looking model!
in my opinion, his neck is a bit to thin. maybe broaden i a bit?
dunno about the pipe. with it, it seems the orc seems to be an academic, not like a warrior thats studying the hell out of ten days to pass the exams… :smiley:


This is a very funny idea! With glasses and pipe the orc is already an intellectual…:slight_smile:


Reminds me of Beast from xmen with those glasses. Nice! Looking forward to seeing more.


haha awesome idea! model is looking sweet too!!


nice progress :slight_smile: good luck in contest !


This is shaping to be a very fun entry. Can’t wait to see the lighting - this has so much potential for nice lighting… Good luck :).


I think if he would rest his head into his hand it would look more of a studying pose. But good so far!


You have cool concept there, looking forward to see your progress!