CGChallenge XXVII - TEN -Neotrixstdr


Ten dollars.

   My idea is show a homeless and the importance in his live of ten dollars to eat something, to survive in this world.

PD.- I dont know why i cant upload images ¿?


I think your best bet is to actually upload your images to the challenge gallery by submitting them to the WIP/Concept Art portion of the competition. Then you can link to your images and display them here. Good luck!


Thank you Kevin!. I have done what you say and it work. This is my concept art:

Thank you again for your help!.


Nice sketch!Waiting for progress.Good luck!


SERIOUS! and … i mean it. Very touching idea… ten dollar for a live. It make me think.


Thanks for your words Oz; I hope to make a good image and make think people.
A litle update, focus on the face and the hands (the character will be dressed later).


Looking great so far - have you posed the hands yet? I see that they’re intersecting.

Nice details in the face. I think the top of his head might be a little too tall though (unless you’ve enlarged it on purpose)

Nice progress!


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