CGChallenge XXVII - TEN: Michor Lu


From Wikitionary: “One of a group of ten babies born at the same time.”

Basically, a dad has to take care of all his unexpected decaplets. He is tired, miserable and doesn’t really care that much anymore.

 I might decide to change the concept all together as I've already noticed, there's another similar baby concept.

Good luck everyone!!

p/s: Excuse the extremely loose and bad sketch.



Nice idea.:slight_smile: I hope you have the kids in their terrible “two’s” age , that really would be something for poor old dad to handle.


Changed my concept to “10 Second rule

Just a guy that drops - probably fries - onto the other guy’s crotch due to a high speed train stopping abruptly.

Gonna start modeling and sculpting soon.


Thanks for stopping by. :slight_smile: Decided to change the concept.


Haha funny idea with the 10 second rule


Some sculpting. Needs better looking pants, refined hands, retopo, etc…

KMcNamara: Thanks for the comments and stopping by :slight_smile:


Damn good start man! Keep it up! :thumbsup:



Oz: Thanks!! :slight_smile:


Update again:


hey dude!

it’s looking great already! I’ll be watching ;p


Yes! this guy is coming out vert well…HUUUGE!



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