CGChallenge XXVII - TEN: Martin Sen


*edit, latest WIP image

This should be fun! Entering a bit late but I’ll do my best.

Good luck to all!


figuring out this thread stuff… seems the engine doesn’t automatically post WIP’s…

simple idea, “Battle of TEN thousand teeth”. (probably change the title more or less along the way)
should be fun


another composition doodle… overall this feels a bit better in terms of scale.


Very nice, dynamic layout you have got there. I like the spirals, they guide the eye very nicely towards focus points.

I don’t know why, but this image feels like winter to me - maybe the white splash? Just an idea ;).


its always so nice to see a new piece from you mate :buttrock: ,cant wait to see how this turns out


digging the composition. Looking forward to seeing it come to life


Martin! Good to see you are on board! Good luck! :thumbsup:


HOW MANY TIME! happy to see you here! So…wellcome in! This challenge is going better and better!



progress of my sculpt so far (super rough). I also just drew in some smaller teeth in photoshop as a paintover to see if I’m going in the right direction


some more quick test paintovers with the teeth in PS. At this point I need to retopologize the mesh as I don’t have enough fidelity to work with…


Really nice start!
All the best. :applause:


Man, this is good :slight_smile:


Tough guy uh?! Cool stuff m8!


Looking very nice!


It’s really coming along! Very nice!


Martin! This looks excellent. Looking forward to seeing your progress, you ridiculously talented son of a b**ch :smiley:


Crazy good Martin!

One of the things that got me was looking at your sketch and seeing this person leaping into the jaws of certain death! I mean it is just epic! Leaves you to wonder, will this warrior become a burp afterthought, the pun of those who say I told you so…or will he by some chance be victorious…and they will lift their drinks with respect as this hero walks by.

Can’t wait to see this progress.

Good luck to you.



update time, started laying out the teeth and refining the sculpt. Haven’t worked much on the neck besides giving it the basic pose for the final. I did have a tongue in there, but decided on removing it as I thought it distracted from the teeth which I really want to emphasize in the image. Thoughts welcome ;p


slightly more side on angle


@ thebest, KMcNamara, mic, OZ, adib, azazel, grumposaur - thanks for the support!

AJ - dude! long time, how you been??

CG-Rich, thanks alot. I think it’s cool that art can leave you with that question and tell a story!