CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - Kris-Rusinek


Right on! Those models look great!


Beautiful concepts/sketches you got there. I hope you can make it, it looks very very ambitious. If you’re interested in collaborations, let me know!


Again… cool stuff! :buttrock:


Nice work! Will definitely be following this one.


Krzys romantic as ever! :slight_smile:

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Wow, looks like a huge project, but you seem to have the right speed for this :slight_smile: . Nice ! Keep it on.



I’ll try to find some time today for another speed modeling session. Update coming soon - stay tuned! :wink:


Another speed modeling session. Some speed low-poly meshes here. Kite and Fishing Rod with a basic animation setup. Snowman is a quick sculpt in ZBrush.


I love your idea… it’s something very warm and human!


Nice models - I’ll be impressed if you can pull all of those off!


Thinking about the girls haircut. I need some advice. Which sketch do you like the most?



for the underwater sequence you need a long hair,so I think 3 but longer:thumbsup:


Well - people with short hair can also swim :wink: Even people without any hair! :smiley: Thanks for your advice anyway. I’m aiming for a short haircut to avoid simulations.


According to your scenario, I formed an idea of ​​the animation, I wonder how much I have missed the final result ? :wink: I can’t wait :wink: In any case, I keep my fingers crossed for you in this competition !
good luck Kris
I like the best hairstyle No. 2 … definitely


WIP of the bridge/platform … some basic sculpt, UV and paint.


looking good! very cool bridge model. nice work


I like your speed-modelling approach. It really makes you focus on the important stuff, doesn’t it? Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on your progress :slight_smile:


Thanks for your support and motivation. This week was pretty tough in my work time schedule. Some animatik work on the background, some audio research, a little bit of background painting… after the weekend I’ll try tu push forward and upload some new progress stuff :slight_smile:


Nice assets, good luck in the contest !


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