CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - Kris-Rusinek


Ten Kisses of love - a simple love story
Ten places - two lovers

a short animation - I hope to make it on time


UH! very romantic idea for this 10 challenge! I like it!



TEN quick sketches of locations



Looks like it will be lots of work… Good job with the storyboard type sketches and I hope you finish on time.


It looks like that… but I’ve got a secret plan :wink: Lot’s of optimisations, static cameras, only some modeling and a lot of painting, and SPEED … speed modeling, speed painting, speed animating :slight_smile: This is my approach.

Anyway… lots of work still ahead.


Again…well done! :applause: Love your concepts.



My modeling progress chart… just to stay organized and to see how many more models to go.

Also some very basic and quick color boards for ten painted backgrounds:


really nice progress you have!Good luck!


hi Kris

nice concepts
a lot of work but I believe in Your secret plan :slight_smile:

Good luck


Beautiful concept art! Can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:


First speed modeling sesion - just a few low-poly objects


absolutely Cool idea

I thought of few ideas of my own, maybe you will like…

  1. have one of them heart braked on a porch, seeing the images on the horizon as memories.

  2. Maybe they are old, and these images all together in t picture that lies on a shelf near their bed, night time…

Love to see more ! good luck :buttrock:


Right on! Those models look great!


Beautiful concepts/sketches you got there. I hope you can make it, it looks very very ambitious. If you’re interested in collaborations, let me know!


Again… cool stuff! :buttrock:


Nice work! Will definitely be following this one.


Krzys romantic as ever! :slight_smile:

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Wow, looks like a huge project, but you seem to have the right speed for this :slight_smile: . Nice ! Keep it on.



I’ll try to find some time today for another speed modeling session. Update coming soon - stay tuned! :wink:


Another speed modeling session. Some speed low-poly meshes here. Kite and Fishing Rod with a basic animation setup. Snowman is a quick sculpt in ZBrush.